Berlin unveils Forum showcase

Event includes 57 pics from 27 countries

BERLIN — The Berlin Intl. Film Festival unveiled this year’s Forum section showcasing a hotchpotch of world cinema on Wednesday.

In its 32nd year, the Intl. Forum of New Cinema is presenting 57 pics from 27 diverse countries including Argentina, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Morocco and Tunisia, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan.

The Forum traditionally emphasizes “socially aware, subjectively oriented and aesthetically unconventional works.” This year’s selection was whittled down from 1,300 pics. Most come from new filmmakers, and more than a third are debut works.

The sidebar’s shortest pic is the 55-minute Australian musical “One Night the Moon” by Rachel Perkins, while the longest at three-and-a-half hours is Belgian director Boris Lehman’s autobiographical essay with an equally lengthy title, “The Story of My Life Told in Photographs” (“Histoire de ma vie racontée par mes photographies”). The Berlin fest runs from Feb. 6 -17.

Forum lineup:

“Alexei and the Spring” (“Alexei to izumi”), director Motohashi Seiichi , Japan 2002, 104 min.

“The Wind Horse” (“Aoud rih”), director Daoud Aoulad Syad, Morocco, France 2001, 86 min.

“April” (“Aprel”), director Konstantin Mursenko, Russia 2002, 105 min.

“Atlantic Drift,” director Michel Daron, Austria, France 2002, 90 min.

“On the Seven Seas” (“Auf allen Meeren”), director Johannes Holzhausen, Austria, Switzerland 2001, 95 min.

“August,” director Avi Mograbi , Israel, France 2002, 72 min.

“Chen Mo and Meiting,” director Liu Hao, China 2002, 78 min.

“Dance of a Dream,” director Andrew Lau, Hong Kong 2001, 120 min.

“Roads,” director Marat Magambetow, Germany, Russia 2002, 63 min.

“Man’s Gentle Love” (Le doux amour des hommes), director Jean-Paul Civeyrac, France 2002, 80 min.

“That’s My Face” (É minha cara), director Thomas Allen Harris, U.S., Brazil 2001, 56 min.

“Mothers of Life” (Elämän äidit), director A. Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio, Finland 2002, 74 min.

“On the Road to Emmaus” (“Emmauksen tiellä”), director Markku Pölönen, Puntti Valtonen, Peter Franzen, Lotta Lehtikari, Finland 2002, 77 min.

“Epoca — The Making of History,” director Andreas Hoessli, Isabella Huser, Switzerland 2002, 90 min.

“Spirits,” (Fantomes), director Jean-Paul Civeyrac, France 2001, 90 min.

“Giravolte,” director Carola Spadoni, Italy 2001, 78 min.

“Take Care of My Cat” (Goyangirul butakhae), director Jeong Jae-Eun, Korea 2001, 112 min.

“Yokohama Mike” (A Forest with No Name), director Aoyama Shinji, Japan 2002, 71 min.

“Story of My Life Told in Photographs” (Histoire de ma vie racontée par mes photographies), director Boris Lehman, Belgium 2002, 210 min.

“Jochen A Golzower from Philadelphia,” director Barbara Junge, Winfried Junge, Germany 2002, 119 min.

“The Mars Canon” (Kasei no kanon), director Kazama Shiori, Japan 2001, 121 min.

“Klassenfahrt,” director Henner Winckler, Germany 2002, 85 min.

“Five Films by Luigi di Gianni,” director Luigi di Gianni, Italy 1958-1967, 72 min.

“Ljudmila’s Voice,” director Gunnar Bergdahl, Sweden 2001, 75 min.

“Lola,” director Carl Bessai, Canada 2001, 97 min.

“Manzan benigaki,” director Ogawa Shinsuke, Peng Xiaolian, Japan 1985/2001, 90 min.

“Marriages,” director Catherine Martin, Canada 2001, 95 min.

“Weekend Plot” (Mi yu shi qi xiao shi), director Zhang Ming, China 2001, 91 min.

“Camel(s)” (Nakta(dul)), director Park Ki-Yong, Korea 2001, 92 min.

“One Night the Moon,” director Rachel Perkins, Australia 2001, 55 min.

“A Tree of Palme” (Palumu no ki), director Nakamura Takashi, Japan 2002, 130 min.

“Full-Time Killer” (Quan Zhi Sha Shou), director Johnnie To, Hong Kong 2001, 100 min.

“Fate as a Rat” (Sadbata kato plach), director Iwan Pawlow, Bulgaria 2001, 75 min.

“Satin Rouge,” director Raja Amari, Tunisia, France 2002, 90 min.

“The Princess Blade” (Shurayuki hime), director Sato Shinsuke, Japan 2001, 92 min.

“Sogobi,” director James Benning, U.S. 2002, 90 min.

“The Soviets Plus Electricity” (Les soviets plus l’électricité), director Nicolas Rey, France 2001, 175 min.

“The Deserted Valley” (Thung lung hoang vang), director Pham Nhue Giang, Vietnam 2002, 84 min.

“Uckermark,” director Volker Koepp, Germany 2002, 105 min.

“A Lucky Day” (Un día de suerte), director Sandra Gugliotta, Argentina 2002, 95 min.

“La vache merveilleuse,” director Jean Rouch, France 2002, 77 min.

“The Rule of the Game” (Wa dong ren), director Ho Ping, Taiwan 2002, 103 min.

“Wang Shouxian’s Summer,” director Li Jixian, China 2002, 87 min.

“Wesh wesh, qu’est-ce qui se passe?” director Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche, France 2001, 83 min.

Video Program:

“L’Chayim, Comrade Stalin,” director Yale Strom, U.S., 2002, 90 min.

“Children From the Abyss,” director Pawel Tschuchraj, U.S., Russia 2001, 55 min.

“Corpus Callosum,” director Michael Snow, Canada 2002, 92 min.

“Daughter from Yan’an” (Enan no musume), director Ikeya Kaoru, Japan 2001, 120 min.

“Geschichten aus dem Lepratal,” director Andrei Schwartz, Germany 2002, 90 min.

“I Remember,” director Andrzej Wajda , U.S., Poland 2001, 58 min.

“The Play is On” (Pather Chujaeri), director Pankaj Rishi Kumar, India 2001, 78 min.

“Dust,” director Michale Boganim, U.K., Ukraine 2002, 29 min.

“The Secret,” director Ronit Kertsner, Israel 2001, 55 min.

“The Settlers,” director Ruth Walk, Israel 2002, 60 min.

“Wa n’ wina,” director Dumisani Phakathi, South Africa 2001, 52 min.

“Looking for Busi,” director Robyn Hofmeyr, South Africa 2001, 52 min.

“Tom,” director Mike Hoolboom, Canada 2002, 80 min.

“The Last Trace” (La última huella), director Paola Castillo, Chile 2001, 63 min.

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