IATSE delegates from four Western states have endorsed SAG’s attempt to enforce contracts on shoots outside the U.S.

Reps from the IA’s District 2, which includes Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada, unanimously passed the resolution to support SAG’s Global Rule One campaign, which will discipline members who do non-SAG work in foreign territories if the production is aimed at the U.S. market.

The resolution, released Monday following the weekend convention at Lake Tahoe, noted film and TV production workers of District 2 have “suffered substantial economic harm” as a result of job flight from the U.S. and that a significant factor in that trend is the absence of SAG contracts on foreign shoots.

Benefit for U.S. workers

“Enforcement of Global Rule One by the Screen Actors Guild will substantially reduce the economic incentives driving film and television production from our shores, thereby benefiting all U.S. film and television workers, including the members of locals affiliated with IATSE District 2,” the resolution said.

SAG launched the campaign on May 1 despite threats by the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers to sue on grounds that the guild was violating its contract by expanding its jurisdiction illegally.

Tiff over producer penalties

On another front, a skirmish has broken out in the IA over the controversial drive to impose penalties on producers who accept Canadian subsidies, with both sides lobbying over a resolution to support the campaign at tonight’s meeting of the Santa Monica City Council.

The petition seeks a federal investigation into the legality of Canadian subsidies and could lead to producers being required to pay tariffs equal to the subsidy as a condition of releasing the film or TV show in the U.S.

Plan nixed at convention

Delegates to last summer’s IA national convention voted against the petition; IA vice president Joseph A. Aredas and Local 600 prexy George Spiro Dibie have contacted council members to express their opposition. “It is the position of the IATSE that tariffs would only serve to trigger a tariff war that would have a devastating impact on our industry,” Aredas said.

The initiative is backed by SAG’s national board and 12,000 petition signers as a means of stopping runaway production. Besides the trade war scenario, leaders of the Directors Guild of America, IATSE and AFTRA contend the petition is counterproductive and hurts efforts to pass wage-based tax credit legislation.