‘Mile’ high in H’w’d

'Moonlight' becomes benefit

In Hollywood, where benefit premieres have become as rare as $100 million pics aimed at an over-50 demographic, the Westside Children’s Center was fortunate to receive Disney’s gift of Tuesday’s “Moonlight Mile” Academy launch.

Center prexy-founder Lezlie Johnson said a film premiere presents a charity with a crowd-pleasing fund-raising tool and offers a way to reach into new wallets.

“You have all the people who are going support the filmmakers — the agents, the lawyers, the studio — so it’s a natural place for them to be in-volved, frankly for reasons aside from the charity. But it gives you a base of support to leap from. Then you get all the regular donors and they love the idea of getting to go to a premiere.”

Among those joining Johnson and husband Mark Johnson to raise more than $100,000 were Disney’s Nina Jacobson; Hyde Park’s Ashok Amritraj and David Hoberman; writer-director Brad Silberling; stars Dustin Hoffman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Pompeo; plus guests Leslie and Nancy Moonves, Amy Ephron, Marvin and Barbara Davis, Frank Biondi, Jon Jashni, Emile Gladstone, Nigel Sinclair, Harold Williams and Nancy Englander, Jere Hausfater and Dean Parisot.