Jenny Beavan

Oscar nominated for "Gosford Park," "Sense and Sensibility" "Anna and the King"

Fave designers: Anthony Powell and Piero Tosi: “Even though in some ways they’re slightly the opposite of what I do, which is as understated as possible. They are theatrical.”

Seminal films: “‘Tess’ and ‘The Leopard’ made me suddenly realize that there was such a thing as costume design. They made me aware of when costumes are right, and how important they are for film. I noticed those costumes. They are theatrical. Funnily enough it was the work of people whose costumes are more theatrical that influenced me, even though what I now is try to make sure it all fits in so that you don’t really notice the costumes unless they are referred to. As a teenager, my first love was legitimate theater. ‘Tess’ and ‘The Leopard’ opened my eyes to the film industry.”

Underappreciated: ” ‘Onegin,’ with Ralph Fiennes and directed by his sister. I really enjoyed it as a film, and there was abso-lutely no recognition for the film or its costumes. There was something incredibly well thought out about the costumes. They just looked real and perfect to me. I think if you get it right, you don’t really notice it.”