Jeffrey Kurland

"Ocean's Eleven," "Erin Brockovich," Oscar nominated for "Bullets Over Broadway"

Fave designers: “Most of the people would be from the past: Travis Banton, Walter Plunkett, Adrian, Edith Head, Irene, Helen Rose. The theatricality of what they brought to contemporary looks was always very interesting — telling the story but also excit-ing to watch. Even though it’s contemporary, it’s taking you away from your own life. We knew it was entertainment more than reality. I tried to do that in ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’ “

Seminal films: ” ‘Gone With the Wind’ — the grandness and enormity of it all, and the use of color immediately comes to my mind. That’s just the quintessential costume design movie. Also, ‘Philadelphia Story’ and ‘His Girl Friday’; I think of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, impeccably dressed as a team. Rita Hayworth in ‘Gilda’ — even though Christian Dior made the (strapless dresses) famous. Anything with Marlene Dietrich.”

Underappreciated: ” ‘Raising Arizona’ and ‘Wall Street’ — those two are good examples of contemporary films that were over-looked and had great style. When one talked about those films, one talked about the look. The costumes contributed so much, including an amazing sense of character and style.”