Janty Yates

"Hannibal," "Charlotte Gray," won Oscar for "Gladiator"

Fave designers:Sandy Powell, who won the Oscar two years ago for ‘Shakespeare in Love.’ She’s been nominated two or three times. One of her early films, ‘Orlando,’ was a great influence. I could see what she was doing, where it was coming from; it had a huge bearing on the visual effect of the film. Jim Acheson, who did ‘Restoration.’ He’s a wonderful source of inspiration. He’s so resourceful. Both he and Sandy have an operatic flair, pulling out the decks of creativity, not by rote.”

Seminal films: “I think it would be the black-and-white era that I saw in my early years, the era that Edith Head worked in. Adrian is so inspiring, his designs are extraordinary. The films of the ’40s, because of the cut and use of fabric for women. I now look at men in the ’40s films with far more interest than I did at the time. From the 1960s, the Mary Quant-type characters, the hot pants and Courreges boots. I skipped the ’50s, but now I look at the ’50s with greed, eat it all up, took it for granted. I think my favorite film of all time is ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ though I don’t know if it’s as inspiring for costumes, but it’s one of my favorites.”