Media.net, which enables television producers to transfer digital dailies from a production’s remote location to Los Angeles, has snagged seven new television pilots as clients. Shows include Warner Bros. Television-produced “Everwood,” “Eastwick” and “Destiny”; Touchstone Television/Jersey Television’s “The Funkhousers”; Universal’s “The Clark/Prince Bandstand”; and Viacom’s “Haunted.”

Each pilot is using Media.net’s high-speed network to transfer footage from Toronto and Vancouver to the computer screens of L.A.-based editors, producers and execs, without the need of VHS tape.

Using Media.net’s Edit System Dailies application, clients send pre-digitized Avid system files over Media.net’s network to editing rooms in Los Angeles. The files are then available for immediate download into the editing systems, eliminating the need to wait for tape deliveries from Canada and the additional time to digitize in the editing room.

“This season we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the number of shows and feature film productions taking advantage of the efficiency Media.net brings to post-production,” said Scott Tolleson, CEO of Media.net. “Once producers use Media.net’s online service and production applications, they don’t want to go back to waiting for lower quality tapes.”

This season, Media.net was used during the production of the WB’s “Smallville,” “Maybe It’s Me” and “Gilmore Girls,” as well as CBS’ “The Education of Max Bickford” and “Family Law.”