This article was corrected on May. 14, 2002.

HOLLYWOOD — A pair of cinematographer orgs have called on Discovery Communications to drop its plan to replace on-air end title credits with Web site listings.

The American Society of Cinematographers and the Intl. Cinematographers Guild issued the statements Monday, a week after Discovery announced it was offering producers a choice of on-air credits or directing viewers to the Web site. The site would not only list the credits of a specific program for six months but contain links to the production company’s Web site as a way of nudging producers to embrace the elimination of onscreen end credits.

But ASC prexy Stephen Poster said, “The public has a right to know who is responsible for the programs aired on television. We see it as a direct attack on current filmmakers who have provided the lifeblood for Discovery’s channels.”

ICG prexy George Spiro Dibie said members of his org, which operates at IATSE Local 600, are co-authors of the films they create. “Credits in titles are an affirmation of their work like a by-line in a newspaper or a signature on a painting.”

Though not singling out Discovery, the board of governors of the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences has voted 38-0 to reject the notion of a Web site as substitute for credits running at the end of a show.