Inside Move: Peeking at Lynch

'Mulholland' helmer takes outsiders inside Cannes fanfare

This article was corrected on May 6, 2002.

Director David Lynch has created some surreal cinemascapes, but now he’s going way past surreal into a whole other realm — judge at the Cannes Film Festival.

Along the way, Lynch will use his position as jury president to spur interest in his nascent Web site, which launched in late February: A four-person, four-camera team — including Brian Johnson (editor on “Buena Vista Social Club”) and longtime Lynch Web producer John Wentworth — will follow Lynch at the fest for two weeks, using digital technology to capture and post five to 10 minutes of video dispatches to the Web site each day.

“The goal is to do a semi-live thing,” says Eric Bassett, the site’s managing consultant.

Lynch’s crew will get into some of the backstage events and parties, thanks to the director’s jury position and his clout at Cannes, where he has long enjoyed high regard, and last year won the director prize for “Mulholland Drive.”

But given the notoriously tight controls Cannes has on its awards process, the crew won’t get inside access to the judging, while still making the process interesting to viewers.

“We want to make our content as compelling as possible, but we also don’t want to ruin our relationship with the festival,” Bassett says. “It’s not quite a full journalistic thing.”

Lynch has thrown himself into the process, writing a series of “impressions” about life during Cannes for which his team will gather video during the two weeks. He has also composed an original score, cut a trailer and will answer viewer questions on video.

And, as if living it live isn’t enough, this summer Lynch will recut all the footage into a docu to be sold through the Web site.