Boll KG to visit ‘House of Dead’

Pic based on vidgame to lense in Vancouver

This article was corrected on May 17, 2002.

CANNES — Boll KG will back “House of the Dead,” a horror pic based on the Sega videogame. The pic begins production in Vancouver today.

Uwe Boll will direct from a script by Dave Parker and Mark Altman.

“House” follows a band of college students who arrive on a mysterious island for a rave and confront terrifying creatures who intend to eat their flesh.

Brightlight’s Shawn Williamson will produce with Daniel Kletzky (“Resident Evil”). Exec producers are Mindfire’s Dan Bates and Altman. A Sega team will shoot alongside the production to secure images, motion capture, and gather other materials for “House of the Dead 4.”

Jonathan Cherry (“Final Destination II”), Tyron Lietso (“Dinotopia”) and Will Sanderson (“A Guy Thing”) star. Supporting talent includes Clint Howard and Jurgen Prochnow.

Film Sales Intl., headed by former Cinequanon Pictures Intl. president-CEO Daniel Sales, will handle foreign sales on the $12 million-budgeted pic.