Warner vid, MK2 get 18 Chaplin pix

'Great Dictator' to be released in November

Warner Home Video and MK2 announced May 16 that they have entered into an exclusive deal to distribute remastered versions of 18 classic Charlie Chaplin pics on DVD.

At a press conference at the Carlton Hotel, seated between Warner Home Video topper Warren Lieberfarb and MK2 prexy Marin Karmitz, Geraldine Chaplin explained how moved she was that her father’s films are now being seen on the big screen and soon on DVD.

“My father always worried about not being remembered and his work being lost,” she explained. She called Karmitz and Lieberfarb “angels from heaven” and explained how after Chaplin’s death, his eight children could not figure what to do with her father’s films until Karmitz came along.

The first Chaplin DVD to be released will be “The Great Dictator” in November. A screening of the 1940 film closed the Berlin Film Festival last February to a standing ovation.

“It was amazing to see young Germans discover the magic of Chaplin 30 miles away from Hitler’s bunker,” Karmitz stated.

In October, Karmitz’s MK2 theater chain will release 200 copies of the film. “We’ll distribute this film like we would a Disney,” Karmitz said.

Other films in the collection include “The Kid,” “City Lights,” “Modern Times,” “Monsieur Verdoux” and “The Gold Rush.”

Many of the Chaplin films will be accompanied by bonus material, including additional footage and interviews with film personalities.