UTA adds 2 partners

Lit agents Kramer, Bowen rise to top slots

UTA senior literary agents David Kramer and Marty Bowen have been elevated to partnership status at the percentery.

The agency has evolved into a haven for strong young writing and directing talent, and Kramer and Bowen represent some of its most prolific clients.

Both are homegrown dealmakers who started in the mailroom shortly after UTA was formed. They become the fourth and fifth partners in the motion picture lit department after Dan Aloni, John Lesher and Jeremy Zimmer.

“It is truly the dream of our company that men and women can get started in our mailroom and end up in our boardroom,” said Zimmer, a UTA board member. “Marty and David’s ascension speaks not only to their abilities, but also to all of our colleagues who allow people to flourish in an environment of integrity and hard work.”

“Marty and David have all the qualities, both tangible and intangible, that make them great agents,” said UTA chairman Jim Berkus.

The Tallahassee-born Kramer became an agency trainee after getting his master’s degree from the Peter Stark producing program at USC, while the Texas-born Bowen came to the agency after graduating from Harvard.

Between them, Kramer and Bowen rep clients including writer-directors Roger Kumble (“Cruel Intentions”) and John Stockwell (“Surf Girls”); director Dennis Dugan (“Big Daddy”); comic Bernie Mac; and writers John August (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Big Fish”), Charlie Kaufman (“Being John Malkovich”), David Self (“The Road to Perdition”), Alec Berg and Jeff Schaeffer (“The Cat in the Hat”), Barry Fanaro (“Men in Black 2”), Steve Beck (“13 Ghosts”), Morgan Upton Ward (“Riding in Cars With Boys”), Lewis Colick (“October Sky”), Steven Rogers (“Kate & Leopold”) and Scott Marshall Smith (“The Score”).