SAG is set for board trims

Union aims to save money by cutting 45 posts

SAG is about to take the final step to cut the size of its national board to 62 from 107 and trigger another election next September.

The guild will send out a referendum next week to its 98,000 members on the restructuring, designed to save SAG as much as $500,000 a year. The measure, which had been hotly debated for much of last year, was approved in late January by the national board on a 102-3 vote.

If approved by members, SAG will hold an election for all seats except president, secretary and treasurer would be held next September. Key parts of the plan call for a 62-seat structure (though 71 reps will be attending each meeting) and weighted balloting that will create a total of 138 votes with Hollywood and New York reps receiving 2.23 votes while the 16 smaller regional branches receive a single vote. Other details:

  • Hollywood members, repping 53.44% of SAG’s 98,000 members, will receive 32 of 62 seats. Hollywood currently holds 46% of seats.

  • New York will have 15 seats, repping 25% of members.

  • The president and the secretary-treasurer will each have a vote.

  • The remaining 20 regional branches will share 13 seats, repping 21.56%. Florida and Chicago get two seats each, San Francisco and Washington one seat each and the remaining 16 branches a total of seven seats. But each branch will send a rep to national meetings and the weighted voting will give each of those reps a whole vote.

  • Every seat will be up for election next fall before returning to a third of the seats every year. The plan also calls for the board to be reapportioned every two years if there are changes in the membership.

  • The current 12 VPs will be replaced by three, one each for Hollywood, Gotham and the branches and the secretary and treasurer posts will be merged into a single post.

  • Qualifications for board service will require that dues be paid up.

  • Temporary board replacements will be drawn only from those who stood for election in the previous round.

  • The board will be reapportioned, if needed, on the basis of an annual census.

  • The national executive committee (which performs much of the day-to-day policymaking) will consist of 25 members with 12 from Hollywood, six from New York, five from the branches along with the president and secretary-treasurer.

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