RIAA ups Rosen, Sherman

Duo get new titles, org hasn't used chair-CEO since 1998

WASHINGTON — Resurrecting a former organizational structure, the board of the Recording Industry Assn. of America announced Monday that prexy-CEO Hilary Rosen will be promoted to chair and Cary Sherman upped to president.

Leading the record biz at a time of great tumult, Rosen has consistently made the short list of lobbyists to watch in Washington.

Sherman has likewise earned high marks since arriving at the RIAA in 1997, serving as senior exec veep and top legal eagle.

“He and Hilary have been a tremendous team. Today’s promotion is a testament to the high regard in which Cary is held by the board,” said EMI recorded music North America topper David Munns, who heads the RIAA’s board.

Insiders said the restructuring isn’t designed to move Rosen out of the spotlight.

The RIAA hasn’t utilized the title of chair-CEO since 1998, when Jay Berman exited as trade org topper. Rosen, who had been president under Berman since 1994, was upped to prexy-CEO.

Monday’s announcement was seen in particular as an acknowledgment of Sherman’s performance.

“Cary has been a real leader within the RIAA and the industry,” Rosen said. “He is a talented executive, a creative musician and a great strategist. The promotion is well deserved.”

Throughout the RIAA’s fierce fight with Napster, Sherman has played a key role in coordinating the trade org’s legal strategy.

In his new gig, Sherman will continue to report to Rosen.