Kodak has upped Robert Mayson to the post of general manager and veep of digital systems at the company’s Entertainment Imaging division.

Move comes as Kodak is preparing to roll out a digital cinema technology it has developed for studios and exhibitors. New system, which consists of a digital projector and cinema operating system that automates a theater’s film scheduling, was introduced at the ShoWest confab in Las Vegas in March (Daily Variety, March 3).

Mayson leads the Los Angeles-based team developing a prototype model of the digital cinema system, with a final version expected to be made available sometime next year. With traditional 35mm film expected to become a thing of the past as digital cinema is adopted, Kodak is hoping to carve out a position for itself in the arena by advancing its core film and motion imaging technologies.

“Bob Mayson will lead a concerted effort to develop and bring the high-quality digital motion imaging systems that our customers want to the marketplace,” said Eric Rodli, prexy of Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging division. “He has management experience in the United States and Europe, and directed the team that introduced Kodak Vision motion picture film. Bob is an inspirational leader who combines a business focus and creative vision in effective ways.”

With Kodak since 1971, Mayson most recently was general manager of the company’s Cinema Operations group since forming it in 1999. He joined Entertainment Imaging in 1993, moving to Hollywood in 1996 as sales and marketing manager.

“We are developing the next generation of digital motion imaging systems that will provide significant creative and practical benefits for our customers,” Mayson said. “We’ve undertaken this initiative because we believe that the best digital motion imaging systems available today don’t fully meet creative, business and operational needs.”