Inside Move: Parachutes popping at AMG

Uncertainty for partners, clients

HOLLYWOOD — The overriding subject of gossip in Hollywood last week was the Ovitz Diaspora. Given the Artists Management Group founder’s ongoing negotiations to break up AMG’s assets, rumors flew as to where its various partners, clients and managers would land.

Already, former ATG topper Eric Tannenbaum and APG head Cathy Schulman are forming a new production venture with former UPN entertainment prexy Tom Nunan and ex-Artisan CEO Mark Curcio. They were last seen holding meetings, luring showrunners and raising capital.

Meanwhile, Ovitz’s erstwhile partners, Rick Yorn and Julie Yorn, are expected to head to the Firm if a deal between the two companies can be reached.

Another cloud of intrigue swirled about the two highest-priced authors in the AMG fold, Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton. Some say Clancy may reteam with his old agent, Robert Gottlieb, while others say Crichton may head to Creative Artists’ Bob Bookman.

Or neither: Ovitz could open a boutique and hold onto both scribes. Little is known for sure.

Also unclear is what will become of top-level AMG managers such as Joanne Colona and Aleen Keshishian, former ICM agents who rep actors like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich and Laura Linney.

Might they follow the disconsolate Yorns into the Firm?

As for the rest of AMG’s personnel, the answer is likely written on pink paper.