Yakker indulges in ‘Passions’

Spanish-lingo host Cristina, 'Beltran' star Diez to join cast

MIAMI — Univision talkshow host Cristina Saralegui has been tapped for an extended guest appearance on NBC daytime soap “Passions.”

Beginning in July, Saralegui will be featured in 15 episodes as a visiting aunt. Her husband will be portrayed by Emilio Diez, currently starring in the Telemundo sitcom “Los Beltran.”

“We are delighted that ‘Passions’ will be the first soap opera to welcome not one, but two of Spanish-language television’s brightest stars,” said Sheraton Kalouria, senior VP, daytime programs at the Peacock web. Saralegui hosts weekday talker “Cristina” on Univision. Last year she had a cameo as a school principal on Nickelodeon’s series “Taina.”

Her guest spot on the NBC soap “is a reflection of the growing importance of Hispanics in the United States, which has recently been affirmed by the latest Census results,” said her agent, William Morris VP Raul Mateu.

Later this month, the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television will give Saralegui the 2001 Gracie Allen Tribute Award at its May 31 awards gala.