UPN makes bid for ‘Buffy’

Netlets battle for hit show, WB still the favorite to extend prod'n

UPN has stepped up its efforts to steal “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” from the WB.

Netlet has been interested in the 20th Century Fox Television skein for awhile, and made the studio aware of its intentions (Daily Variety, Feb. 27.) But now, with the Frog net’s exclusive negotiating window expired, insiders say UPN has stepped up by putting what one insider called “a significant offer” on the table.

UPN is still considered a longshot to land the series. The WB is also still in active talks with 20th, and may have upped its early offer of $1.6 million. 20th could also sell the skein to sister web Fox. In any case, insiders say a deal is getting closer.

In other UPN news, Jill Eikenberry (“L.A. Law”) and Michelle Phillips (“Knot’s Landing”) have been cast in the Morgan Gendel-penned pilot “Platinum,” which revolves around two young socialites (Scarlett Chorvat and Deborah Kellner) working as government agents.