Small syndicators unite sales forces

Perin, BKS pact may lead to merger

NEW YORK — Two small-size New York-based TV syndicators, MG Perin and BKS Entertainment, have put their sales forces together in a joint operation that could lead to a merger down the road.

“We regard this arrangement as the two companies getting engaged, with marriage as the probable result if the engagement works out,” said Richard Perin, CEO of MG Perin.

Said Bill Carroll, VP and director of programming for Katz TV, which provides program advice to more than 200 TV station clients: “Smaller syndication companies have to find ways to bring costs in line. Their viability is at stake because competitive syndicators keep consolidating and getting bigger.”

“A couple of years ago, Paramount, King World, Eyemark and Worldvision were separate syndication companies,” said Perin. “Now, with buyouts and consolidation, they’re all part of Viacom.”

BKS and MG Perin will continue to develop programs separately, but, said Bob Silberberg, co-CEO with Len Koch of BKS, the back-office functions of the companies will merge, with all of the staffers working at one headquarters.

Two sales executives of MG Perin, David Campbell and Candace Fisher, will leave as a result of the reorganization.

Koch said his hope is that the joint operation with MG Perin will prevent BKS fiascoes like “The Dream Team” and “Double Cross” in the future, two weekly syndicated action hours that failed, at least in part, because BKS didn’t have the clout of big syndicators. Company canceled “Dream Team” in the middle of its first season, and “Double Cross” never made it to the air.