Satellite Films orbits quartet of directors

Helmers' resumes boast spots for BMW, Reebok, U2

HOLLYWOOD — Satellite Films, Propaganda’s commercial and musicvid production arm, has added five directors to the fold.

Newcomers are Fritz Flieder, Jason Goldwach, Norbert Heitker, Enda Hughes and Richie Smyth.

“This latest expansion positions Satellite at the forefront of the international commercial and musicvideo production arena, and reflects the company’s mandate to represent directors with artistic vision and cultural diversity,” said Satellite VP-exec producer Charles Wolford.

Austrian-born Flieder, who recently branched into the U.S. commercial arena with a Gatorade ad, has shot spots for BMW and Audi.

Goldwach made his feature docu debut earlier this year at the NoDance Film Festival in Park City with “No Big Trip.”

Berlin-based Heitker’s resume includes campaigns for Panasonic, Austrian National Lottery and German news mag Die Zeit.

Hughes made his foray into U.S. commercials with the Reebok Defy Convention campaign.

Smyth made his directorial debut in 1988 with a promo for U2’s “The Fly.” His commercials include the Nature Conservancy campaign.