Play nice, Gaul’s M6 tells ‘Loft’ contestants

Net tries to appease b'casting watchdogs

PARIS — Contestants on France’s “Big Brother”-style reality show “Loft Story” have been told to stop trashing each other, as web M6 tries to appease broadcasting watchdogs’ anger about the show.

Instead of naming two candidates they dislike as part of the process of having them kicked out of the loft apartment, the players must name the two they like the best.

The TV aud will also have to choose the person they most want to stay, rather than the one they dislike the most, so that the person with the least votes will be eliminated.

Tuesday’s changes follow Monday’s recommendation to M6 by the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), which is addressing the renewal of the net’s broadcasting authorization.

The contestants will also be able to lock themselves away in their bedrooms for two one-hour camera breaks, in line with CSA recommendations.

CSA head Dominique Baudis said Tuesday that a new law would have to be created to address the broadcasting issues that have been raised since reality TV took French auds by storm two weeks ago.

Culture Minster Catherine Tasca last week reminded the CSA to ensure that broadcasting rules are respected, especially as the CSA is renegotiating with M6 to renew the private web’s broadcasting license.