One Dock St., Suite 502

Stamford, CT 06902

(203) 425-2136

Fax: (203) 425-2140

Email: info@cableready.net

Booth: 4331; phone (702) 943-3584

Attending: Gary Lico, president-CEO; Lou Occhicone, director program operations; Sabrina Sanchez, program sales associate.


“Wildlife Detectives,” agents of the National Wildlife Health Center who solve real wildlife mysteries that affect our planet’s delicate ecosystem; 13 x 60 min.

“Billion Dollar Disasters: Survivor Stories,” hear the harrowing accounts of survivors who lived through the most costly natural disasters of our time; 3 x 60 min.

“Right on the Money,” a personal finance show with personality; 52 x 30 min.

“Gothan TV,” keep up with the ever-changing, fast-paced New York City lifestyle; 13 x 60 min.


18 Dupont St.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 1V2

(416) 964-8750

Fax: (416) 964-1980

Email: cambium@cambiumentertainment.com

Booth: 3200

Attending: Arnie Zipursky, exec producer & chairman; Beverley Shenken, director sales & acquisitions; Annette Frymer, general manager & general counsel.


“The Ride,” unpredictable journey into darkness, hope and longing, where dangers or miracles lurk around the corner; 90 min.

“Shift TV,” a series that tells you some of the intriguing stories of this uncharted World Wide Web and help the viewer make sense of it all; 26 x 30 min.

“Wine TV,” a series about one of life’s oldest pleasures, a fine glass of wine; 39 x 30 min.

“Lofty Ideas,” this is a design series that features residential lofts with unique and imaginative design solutions for open concept living; 39 x 30 min.

Canamedia Productions

1670 Bayview Ave., Suite 408

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3C2

(416) 483-7446

Fax: (416) 483-7529

Email: canamed@canamedia.com

Booth: 5231

Attending: Les Harris; Pat Perdue; Elizabeth Klawiter; Winnie Gao.


“Don’t Forget Your Passport,” an adventure travel series; 26 x 60 min.

“Lumberjacks,” takes you to lumberjack competitions all over North America; 13 x 30 min

“Coming to Life,” explores the magic and mystery of having a child; 13 x 30 min.

“Celebrations: Mother’s Day,” explores the traditions and myths behind Mother’s Day; 60 min..

Carlton Intl. Media

35-38 Portman Square

London W1H 6NU, U.K

(44-20) 7224-3339

Fax: (44-20) 7486-1707

Email: enquiries@carltonint.co.uk

Web site: www.carltonint.co.uk

Booth: 2446; (702) 943-4168

Attending: Rupert Dilnott-Cooper, managing director; Louise Sexton, director of sales; Stephen J. Davis, president & CEO, Carlton America; Mark Gray, controller of program development.


“Close and True,” drama series centered on a legal crusader for society’s overlooked individuals; 90 min. & 5 x 60 min.

“Wild Kat,” exotic animals abound as Kat begins the adventure of her life after moving to live with her mother at the city zoo; 26 x 30 min.

“Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534,” Flight 534 is in trouble in the stormy skies over the icy North Atlantic and its down to Second Officer Hogan, a man with battered confidence after an earlier near fatal landing, to save the flight, if he can; 120 min.

“Tin Can Alley,” a captain is forced into a race against time to regain command of his nuclear submarine, avert nuclear war and save the lives of his crew; 120 min.

Carsey-Werner Domestic TV Distribution

4024 Radford Ave., Bldg. 3

Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 655-5332

Fax: (818) 655-6359

Booth: 2401

Attending: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, co-chairperson’s; Bob Debelko, Dirk W. van de Bunt, co-president’s-CEO’s; Robert Raleigh, president; James Kraus, exec VP, general sales manager.


“3rd Rock From the Sun,” explores the human condition as seen through the eyes of four beings visiting Earth; 140 x 30 min.

“Cosby,” about a man whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself a victim of corporate down-sizing; 96 x 30 min.

“Cybill,” series that follows the acting career and personal life of Cybill living in natural disaster-prone L.A.; 87 x 30 min.

“Roseanne,” 222 x 30 min.

Carsey-Werner Intl.

4024 Radford Ave., Building 3

Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 655-5492

Fax: (818) 655-8548

Booth: 2401

Attending: Herb Lazarus, president.


“3rd Rock From the Sun”


“That 70’s Show”

“God, The Devil & Bob”

CBS Broadcast Intl.

10877 Wilshire Blvd., 9th floor

Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 446-6092

Fax: (310) 446-6052

Booth: 923

Attending: Armando Nunez, Jr.; president; Fred Cohen, president, King World Intl. Productions & exec VP; Barry Chamberlain, VP sales; Scott Michels, VP sales operations & administration; Anne Hirsch, managing director, Europe; Steve Friedman, VP intl. programming & production, King World Intl. Productions.


“Survivor,” 16 ordinary strangers deserted in an exotic location endure adventure challenges and outwit each of the other competitors for a million-dollar prize; 28 x 60 min.

“The Vault,” interactive game show with a rapid-fire contemporary format that offers a chance for cash prizes by contestants and viewers alike; 60 min.

“The District,” a police commissioner heading a band of modern-day “Untouchables” fighting to fix an outdated police department in a crime-ridden city; 22 x 60 min.

“Welcome to New York,” an innocent small-town TV weatherman lands the job of a lifetime in New York City, complete with a big-city collection of odd characters in the newsroom and around town; 22 x 30 min.

CDC United Network

40 Rue Souveraine

1050 Brussels, Belgium

(32-2) 502-6640

Fax: (32-2) 502-6656

Booth: 2030

Attending: Alexander Lippens, director; Maximilian Weiner, intl. sales & new business director; Adam Weiner, acquisitions exec; Audrey Atlass, intl. sales exec; Sebastian Lami Dozo, sales exec.


“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; Juanito Jones, 26 x 26 min; Miniman, 26 x 26 min.

Celluloid Dreams

24 rue Lamartine

75009 Paris, France

(33-1) 49-70-03-70

Fax: (33-1) 49-70-03-71

Email: info@celluloid-dreams.com

Web site: www.celluloid-dreams.com

Booth: 5259

Attending: Nils Hoffet, sales administrator; Virginie Devesa, TV sales exec.


Channel 4 Intl.

124 Horseferry Road

London SW1P 2TX, U.K.

(44-20) 7396-4444

Fax: (44-20) 7306-8363

Web site: www.c4international.com

Booth: 5203

Attending: Paul Sowerbutts, managing director; Barbara Bellini-Witkowski, director of sales & rights investment; Gayle Gilman, director of coproductions & programming; Michael Fleisher, director of business affairs; Alison Sainsbury-Stack, sales manager; Nada Cirjanic, TV sales manager, Film Four.


“Hell in the Pacific,” the first modern TV history of the war in the Pacific, the most bitter battle arena of WWII; 4 x 50 min.

“Ivor,” animated adventure about a young English boy who wakes one morning to discover he has a new friend who is not only incredibly huge, but is also invisible; 26 min.

“People Eaters (aka Cannibal),” an examination of cannibalism, which suggest that it may be far more widespread than anyone dared think; 3 x 50 min.

“Point of No Return,” the inside story of the construction of two of the world’s most spectacular structures, explaining the challenges of extreme engineering, and meeting the people who rise to them; 2 x 50 min.

Chatsworth TV Distribs

97-99 Dean Street

London W1V 5RA, U.K

(44-20) 7734-4302

Fax: (44-20) 7437-3301

Booth: 1663-F.16

Attending: Malcolm Heyworth, managing director; Halina Stratton, director; Sital Haria, sales & acquisitions manager.


“A Tribal Odyssey,” the lives, customs and rituals of some of the most remote tribes in the world; 10 x 60 min.

“American Mustang,” a look at the car that has become a phenomenon and one of the most enduring symbols of American culture; 60 min.

“Bidoum Bidoum,” children’s series about three enchanting tiny creatures whose life is a series of exciting challenges which they tackle with wit and courage and… mixed results; 365 x 5 min.

“Busy Buses,” pre-school series set in a splendid bus garage, in the village of Chumley, home to the nicest, friendliest and most adventurous buses one is ever likely to meet; 26 x 5 min.


Vernon House

40 Shaftesbury Avenue

London W1D 7ER, U.K

(44-20) 7434-1880

Fax: (44-20) 7434-1882

Email: info@chorion-ip.co.uk

Web site: www.blyton.com/www.agathachristie.com

In Las Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton,

(702) 732-5111

Attending: Nick James, managing director; Shari Havourd, VP, marketing & development (Americas); Lee Chapman, managing director, Chorion Asia


“Make Way For Noddy,” all new series featuring the original Toyland cast of characters and brand new stories; 100 x 10 min.

ChumCity Intl.

299 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2Z5

(416) 591-1604

Fax: (416) 591-1757

Booth: 4403

Attending: Moses Znaimer, president, exec producer; Kevin Byles, VP & general manager; Victor Rodriguez, VP sales & business development; Jacques de Suze, director station development; Mary Powers, VP communications & marketing; Mike Lotato, director programme sales.


“Intimate & Interactive: Green Day,” recording artist performing material from their latest album; 60 min.

“Live at the Rehearsal Hall,” a series of original music specials of exclusive concerts from some of the world’s greatest artists.

“Egos & Icons: Lenny Kravitz,” 60 min.

“QT-QueerTelevision,” offers a glimpse into the lives and loves of gay, lesbian, bi, trans and open-minded straight people around the world; weekly x 30 min.

Chrysalis Distribution

The Chrysalis Building

13 Bramley Road

London W10 6SP, U.K

(44-20) 7465-6249

Fax: (44-20) 7221-6286

Email: Distribution@chrysalis.co.uk

Web site: www.Chrysalis.co.uk

Booth: 1663-D.11

Attending: Christina Willoughby, managing director; Liza Thompson, sales exec; Peter Grant, sales and marketing exec; Lucy Darwin, sales administrator.


“Late Night Poker,” with a special table and hidden cameras, viewers can observe exciting tournaments of the world’s most popular poker game – “Texas Hold ‘Em”. 25 programs.

“Intuition,” intriguing game show in which four strangers compete by testing their intuition by being in-tuition together.

“Midsomer Murders Series 4,” Inspector Barnaby and his assistant return in five new mysteries, with murder and mayhem in the English countryside; 5 x 100 min.

“Sam’s Game,” sitcom featuring a 20 something happy go lucky girl on the search for the man of her dreams; 6 x 30 min.

Cinamour Entertainment

221 W. Almeda Ave., Suite 203

Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 558-3130

Fax: (818) 558-3131

Email: info@cinamour.com

Booth: 3008

Attending: Glen Hartford, chairman-CEO; Cord Douglas, president, distribution.


“Deadly Beauty: Snow’s Secret Life,” adventure documentary on the power of the avalanche; 52 min.

“Saving the Endangered Species,” each episode chronicles the efforts of dedicated experts and volunteers who face great odds to save threatened species from extinction; 26 x 24 min.

“Iditarod…A Far Distant Place,” three race contestants and their canine companions run the sled dog race through 1,000 miles of the Alaskan outback; 1 x 52 min & 1 x 84 min.

“Animal Action With Eddie & Greg,” children’s wildlife series; 13 x 24 min.


900 Sunset Blvd., Suite 715

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 276-7190

Fax: (310) 276-2976

Booth: 5231

Attending: Ken Katsumota, head U.S. operations; Marie-Claude Beauchamp, exec VP development production financing & distribution world, excluding U.S.; Marie-Christine Dufour, VP communications.


“Three Pigs,” animated series about a comically dysfunctional porcine family in New Pork City; 26 x 24 min.

“Emma,” a neurotic 9-year-old who tries to fit in modern life and yet remain herself; 26 x 26 min or 52 x 15 min.

“Ice Corp,” a rebel scientist and his son find adventure and hope as they search for a way to push back the cold during the new Ice Age when civilation is confined to cities with trains that rumble across the mile deep glaciers; 22 x 52 min.

“Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat,” animated series featuring a young spirited and curious cat; 80 x 11 min or 40 x 30 min.

Cinemavault Releasing, Inc.

434 Queen St., E

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 1T5

(416) 363-6060

Fax: (416) 363-2305

Email: admin@cinemavault.com

Booth: 566

Attending: Nick Stiliadis, CEO; Amy Beecroft, director intl. distribution; Dimitri Thomaidis, distribution coordinator; Steve Arroyave, VP production.


“Innocence,” young love is re-ignited after 50 years apart; 95 min.

“Psycho Beach Party,” sun, surf and one psycho babe; 89 min.

“Love.com,” a brutal murder exposes the darkside of internet fantasy; 86 min.

“Expecting Mercy,” a tale of twisted romance gone bad.

CLG Entertainment

201 S. Parker St.

Albany, IN 47320

(765) 789-6695

Email: clgentertainment@hotmail.com

Booth: 33

Attending: Christopher Gregory, president-director; Kevin Ford, VP; Stephanie Lynch, creative management.


“Hennigans House,” childrens educational program dealing with reading and imagination; 12 x 60 min.


29 rue d’Ulm

75230 Paris Cedex 05, France

(33-1) 46-12-84-31

Fax: (33-1) 46-12-84-51



Attending: Jacques Beaujean, head of intl. sales.

Booth: 5259


“City Limits,” a look at 13 big cities around the world; 13 x 13 min.

“Feats of Architecture,” how architects designed and built some of the world’s famous buildings; 20 x 13 min.

“Nature Collection,” a look at the reproduction and eating habits of animals and plants; 120 x 5 min.

“Little Stories for Children,” more than 100 animated films for youngsters.

CNN Newsource Sales

One CNN Center

P.O. Box 105366

Atlanta, GA 30348-5366

(404) 827-5032

Fax: (404) 827-4466

Booth: 6118

Attending: Susan Grant, president; John Lee, senior VP sales; Ed Stephen, VP marketing; Jerry DeMink, VP news development.


“Mrs. Fixit,” tackles the small problems that everyone has in and around their homes.

“Daily News from Entertainment Weekly,” consumer magazine of entertainment and popular culture.

“Parenting,” timely information on family and children’s issues energized by recent headlines.

“CNN Newsource,” comprehenseive news feed service.

Columbia TriStar Intl. TV

10202 W. Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 244-4000

Fax: (310) 244-1874

Booth: 4347

Attending: Michael Grindon, president; John Migicovsky, president, Columbia Tristar Media Group of Canada; Peter Iacono, exec VP sales; John McMahon, exec VP & managing director; Jon Petrovich, exec VP intl. networks; William Pfeiffer, exec VP & managing director.


“Doc,” a country doctor who moves to New York City to follow the love of his life; 22 x 60 min.

“The Joan Cusack Show,” this sitcom revolves around a single schoolteacher, her friends, and their romantic relationships; 13 x 30 min.

“The Tick,” four superheroes team up to fight crime in the big city; 9 x 30 min.

“Jackie Chan Adventures,” this series follows the adventures of Jackie Chan and his 11-year-old niece as they battle the mysterious Dark Hand organization in the quest for a series of magical talismans; 26 x 30 min.

Concorde-New Horizons

11600 San Vicente Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90049

(310) 820-6733

Fax: (310) 207-6816

Booth: 1623

Attending: J. Deryk Morgan, director intl. distribution; Adam Welles, VP intl. distribution.


“The Doorway,” college students staying at an abandoned mansion unwittingly unleash the terrors of hell.

“The Game of Death,” in a deadly game of chance, one card determines the fate of two lives.

“Shakedown,” while carrying a highly toxic vial containing a killer virus, a group of terrorists are foiled by a sexy heroine, a group of bank robbers and an earthquake.

Roger Corman’s library of films


935 4th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 673-2188

Fax: (305) 535-6246

Booth: 4863

Attending: David Sine, CEO; David Floberg, exec VP finance; Darren Mankovich, exec VP marketing; Catherine Gray, VP advertising sales; Carlos Fragvio, VP production; Frank Cefalo, VP communications.


“C1TV at Large,” targeting hip, urban, and gay audiences

Connection III Entertainment

8489 W. Third St.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 653-3400

Email: sales@connection3.com

Booth: 6020; phone (702) 739-4111

Attending: Cleveland O’Neal, president-CEO; Gwenn Smith, director development/production.


“What About Your Friends,” explores growing up in urban America through the coming-of-age experiences of three teen girlfriends; 13 x 60 min.

“Urbanflix/Urban Stars Network,” an urban entertainment magazine series; 13 x 60 min.

“The Garage Club Halloween Special,” the kids investigate whether their party is really haunted; 60 min.

“The Garage Club Christmas Special,” Santa accidentally drops in on Christmas Eve and the kids must get him back in time to save Christmas; 60 min.

Creative Light Entertainment

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 212

Beverly Hills, Ca 90211

(323) 658-9166

Fax: (323) 658-9169

Booth: 1623; phone (702) 943-3768

Attending: Ted Chalmers, president; Scott Zakarin, chairman; Tracy Heck, sales assistant.


“Double Deception,” a kidnap plot involving the daughter of a powerful Japanese businessman goes terribly wrong; 90 min.

“The Clean and Narrow,” an ex-con tries to make an honest living, but is forced to make some dangerous choices; 90 min.

“Extreme Force,” a thief turns into a hero in his quest to restore the sacred seal of Mongolia; 90 min.

“The Sid Caesar Collection,” 3 x 70 min. & 65 x 30 min.

Crescent Entertainment

757 Third Ave., 2nd floor

New York, NY 10017

(212) 308-1790

Fax: (212) 308-1791

Booth: 1231

Attending: Tony Brown, president


“The Bible,” three epic tales of inspiration.

Movie Package, Director’s Cut 2

Movie Package, Director’s Cut 3


Peru 174

08020 Barcelona, Spain

(34-93) 2664266

Fax: (34-93) 2664014

Email: info@cromosoma.com

Web site: www.cromosoma.com

Booth: 5247-M; (702) 943-3567

Attending: Oriol Ivern, general manager; Sergi Reitg, managing director; Judit Foz, Mireia Gusi, Ruben Gil, sales assistants; Carlos Piazza, licensing dept.


“Tom,” a gigantic dinosaur and his friends travel the world on their way to fantastic adventures, teaching us to better appreciate the world in which we live; 26 x 26 min.

“Weby,” animated series featuring a sophisticated computer that takes care of children.

“Miniman,” animated series about a superhero who teaches children how to handle worrying situations by themselves; 26 x 12 min.

“Juanito Jones,” a young boy uses his imagination as a fantastic vehicle to take him on wild adventures in amazing places; 52 x 13 min. or 26 x 26 min.

CS Associates

22 Weston Road

Lincoln, MA 01773

(781) 259-9988

Fax: (781) 259-9966

Email: programs@csassociates.com

Booth: 450

Attending: Charles Schuerhoff


“Jazz,” Ken Burns’ passionate exploration into the mind and soul of Jazz music; 12 x 60 min.

“Open Outcry,” a revealing view from the high-pressure world of commodities traders; 56 min.

“Scientific American Frontiers: Superpeople,” meet people who push themselves to the limitsof human performance; 56 min.

“The West,” explore the triumphs and tragedies that make the West the source of some of the most compelling stories in American History; 6 x 52 min.


Hillside Studios

Merry Hill Road


Hertfordshire, WD23 1DR, U.K

(44-20) 8950-4426

Fax: (44-20) 8950-6694

Email: sales@ctvc.co.uk

Web site: www.ctvc.co.uk

Booth: 1663-B.08

Attending: Ann HArvey, head of acquisition & distribution; Sue Bird, sales manager.


“It Ain’t Necessarily So,” series in which John McCarthy, one time hostage of Islamic Jihad in Lebanon, returns to the Middle East to look at the affect that the Old Testament has had on the war-torn region; 6 x 24 min.

“Apostles,” an insight into the part that Jesus’s Apostle’s played in the spread of Christianity both east and west of Palestine; 10 x 30 min.

“Dateline Jerusalem,” an authentic series of news bulletins that cover the story of Holy Week; 8 x 15 min.

“Crossing St. Petersburg,” documentary on the Priests and people of the Russian Orthodox Church who suffered under Communism for more than 70 years; 26 min.

Cumulus Distribution

Sanctuary House

45-53 Sinclair Road

London W14 ONS, U.K

(44-20) 7300-6624

Fax: (44-20) 7300-6529

Email: clarissaalvarezhoey@cumulus-distribution.com

Web site: www.entercloud9.com

Booth: 1663-E.15

Attending: Aky Najeeb, managing director; Nicola Andrews, sales exec.


“Atlantis High,” soap set in the idylic town of Sunset Cove, focusing primarily on the local high school and the Hangout, our characters learn about family, friends and after school jobs; 26 x 30 min.

“The Tribe – Series 3,” teen soap set in a land where civilisation has ceased to exist and the children have to re-build society in their own image; 52 x 30 min. or 26 x 48 min.

“Atlantis High,” comedy teen melodrama set in the beautiful coastal town Sunset Cove, where nothing is quite what it seems; 26 x 30 min.

Daro Film Distribution

“Le Victoria13 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte

98000 Monaco

(377) 97971600

Fax: (377) 97971590

Email: rochat@daro-films.mc

Booth: 4847

Attending: Pierre-Andre Rochat, president; Anne-Marie Gaskin, head of acquisitions.


“Horace & Tina,” series featuring one big, happy family… until the world’s most loveable (and unusual) trouble makers drop in and stay! 26 x 30 min.

“Random Passage,” miniseries telling the epic story of the courage of one woman and how she builds a new community in an inhospitable land in the early 1800s; 8 x 60 min. & 4 x 90 min.

“Mumbo Jumbo,” comedy drama about criminals, journalists and irritating dead people; 90 min.

De Angelis Group

Via G. Avezzana 51

00195 Rome, Italy

(39-06) 321-7294

Fax: (39-06) 321-7559

Email: mgursino@deangelisgroup.com

Booth: 5059

Attending: Jonas Bauer, president of intl. prods; Art Horan, head of theatrical motion pictures; Maria Grazia Ursino, sales & distribution coordinator.


“Father Hope,” story of an unconventional priest who is sent to a small town in Southern Italy where he becomes a mentor for the children of a juvenile reformatory; 100 min.

“Diamond Hunters,” the torrid fortunes of a family unable to forgive and forget, set against the background of South Africa’s emerale coast and diamond mines; 120 min & 2 x 90 min.

“Julius Caesar,” the story of one of the greatest politicians, generates and orators to have ever lived; 2 x 90 min.

“Enchantment,” lies and passions, love and betrayal entwine in a story of high intrigue set in a luxurious private clinic; 156 x 50 min.

Decode Entertainment

512 King St. East, Suite 104

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 1M1

(416) 363-8034

Fax: (416) 363-8919

Email: decode@decode-ent.com

Booth: 5231

Attending: Steven DeNure, Neil Court, John Delmage, Beth Stevenson, partner’s; Dominique Bazay, director, intl. sales; Dan Fill, director, interactive.


“Our Hero,” a comedy that celebrates the trials and tribulations of the teenage years; 13 x 30 min.

“Angela Anaconda,” a rambunctious 8-year-old with an active imagination who plots revenge against her arch-rival Nanette Manoir; 65 x 30 min.

“What About Mimi,” a cartoon series centering on an 11-year-old problem-solver extraordinaire; 26 x 30 min.

“The Zack Files,” capture the oddities, turmoil and challenges that keep happening to Zack in his wacky world; 26 x 30 min.

Deutsche Welle/TransTel

Raderbergguertel 50

50968 Cologne, Germany

(49-221) 389-2757

Fax: (49-221) 389-2646

Email: banolas@dwelle.de

Web site: www.dwelle.de

Booth: 4603

Attending: Ana Maria Banolas, head of distribution, Latin America; Ulrich Wartmann, head of distribution, Europe/North America; Andrea Hugemann, distribution exec, Latin America.


“In the Limelight,” series on world-famous singers, conductors, instrumental soloists and dancers; 7 x 50 min.

“Visionaries in Survival,” series portraying individuals or groups who have committed themselves to the environmental cause, often in the face of strong resistance; 13 x 30 min.

“Under Neptune’s Flag,” animated cartoon series introducing a kindly family of underwater spirits who try to influence the course of history with clever tricks; 26 x 30 min.

“Railway Stories,” series focusing on legendary special trains and their journeys; 13 x 30 min.

DIC Entertainment

303 N. Glenoaks Blvd., 4th floor

Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 955-5400

Fax: (818) 955-5696

Booth: 271; phone (702) 943-3566

Attending: Jandy Heyward, chairman-CEO; Patricia Ryan, exec VP intl. sales; Dan Waite, VP intl. sales; Brad Brooks, president; Robby London, exec VP creative affairs; Melissa Bomes, exec VP worldwide consumer products.


“Mary-Kate & Ashley: Movie Toons,” animated mini-movies based on past classics and current hits of every genre; 52 x 30 min.

“Salem,” the outrageous cat with attitude from “Sabrina” has a series of comedic adventures; 52 x 30 min.

“Super Duper Sumos,” three young sumo wrestlers fulfill their destiny by transforming into mighty superheroes fully twice their original size to battle an ancient evil force that threatens to take over the world; 52 x 30 min.

“The Wacky World of Tex Avery,” who pioneered that wacky style known as squash-and-stretch animation; 65 x 30 min.

Discovery Communications

7700 Wisconsin Ave.

Bethesda, MD 20814

(301) 986-0444

Fax: (301) 986-4826


Attending: Rex Recka, VP programming & sales operations; Tony Harvin, director program sales operations; Mercedes Dawson, account exec; Theresa Ong, account exec; Janice Russell, account exec.


“Savage Sun,” presents some of the most amazing images of the sun ever gathered; 50 min.

“Firestorm: The Smokejumpers Story,” explores the destructive power, its surprising virtues and the heroic people who face them every day; 120 min.

“Extreme Machines II,” highlights some of the best machines ever created; 12 x 60 min.

Distraction Formats

261 du St. Sacrement St.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 3V2

(514) 844-5800

Fax: (514) 844-8210

Email: distract@distract.com

Booth: 5032; phone (702) 943-4361

Attending: Michel Rodrigue, CEO; Arabelle Pouliot, VP sales; Grant Ross, VP acquisitions; John Gough, director new media & converged formats; Chanelle Routhier, manager sales & marketing operations.


“Perfect Match,” a dating game show; 13 x 30 min.

“Crazy Planet,” a search for the planet with the craziest stories, a few others added; and then a panel to guess which ones are real; 26 x 60 min.

“Le Grand Tralala,” with no preparation, your favourite TV host is asked to present a prime time entertainment show without knowing the content; 60 min.

“Ugly Duckling,” a make-over format for anyone who’s ever dreamed of transforming themselves, live out a fantasy or look better than they ever thought possible; 20 x 120 min.

D’Ocon Films

C/Calaf 3

08021 Barcelona, Spain

(34-93) 240-4122

Fax: (34-93) 240-4124

Email: intl.docon@docon.es

Web site: www.docon.es

Booth: 5247-A

Attending: Antoni D’Ocon, president; Diana Domingo, head of intl. dept; Laura Tapias, sales exec; Jose Salcedo, D’Ocon Films France; Ferran Viladevall, D’Ocon office USA.


“Scruff,” a little dog, naïve and trusting, wants to learn about everything new; 26 x 26 min.

“Kong,” a new Kong is reborn when a brilliant young scientist and pioneer of genetic research mixes Kong’s DNA and a small amount of human DNA; 40 x 26 min & 90 min. feature.

“Roswell Conspiracies,” a group of allied intelligence agents discover that extraterrestrial beings are roaming the earth, stalking humans for food, sport and more sinister agendas; 40 x 26 min.

“The Last Reservation,” animated series in which a group of beings from the past is transported several centuries ahead in time into an unknown world; 26 x 26 min.

DLT Entertainment

31 W. 56th St.

New York, NY 10019

(212) 245-4680

Fax: (212) 315-1132

Booth: 1213

Attending: John Fitzgerald, CEO; Don Taffner Jr., Jeff Cotugno, VPs; Gary Mitchell, VP intl. sales; David Fuhrer, account representative.


“Studio One,” catalogue of specials starring many of the brightest stars in Hollywood and abroad; 66 x 60 min.

“Sherman Oaks,” an adult comedy which focuses on America’s favorite disfunctional family the Bakers of earthquake ravaged Sherman Oaks, CA; 36 x 30 min.

“My Family,” comedy series about a typical unclear family engaged in an ongoing familial nuclear war; 18 x 30 min.

“As Time Goes By – Series 8,” a comedy about two former lovers who reunite after 38 years; 60 x 30 min.

DLT Entertainment UK Limited

10 Bedford Square

London, WC1B 3RA U.K.

(171) 631-1184

Fax: (171) 636-4571

Email: info@dltentertainment.com

Booth: 1213; phone (702) 943-4464

Attending: Gary Mitchell, VP intl. sales; Donald Taffner Jr, VP.


“As Time Goes By,” comedy about two former lovers who reunite after 38 years; 60 x 30 min.

“The Face That Changed the World,” documentary special which traces the image of Jesus Christ in art around the world and across two millennia; 120 min.

“My Family,” a typical nuclear family, engaged in an ongoing familial nuclear war; 18 x 30 min.

E! Networks

5750 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 954-2400

Fax: (323) 954-2657

Booth: 141; phone (702) 943-4854

Attending: Mindy Herman, president-CEO; Ken Bettsteller, COO; Jon Helmrich, senior VP intl. development; Lynn Heide, senior VP, business development & online; Bill Lee, VP intl. development; Duccio Donati, director sales intl. development.


“Hollywood Off-Ramp,” invites viewers into an other-worldly Hollywood, filled with unexpected, bizarre circumstances; 26 x 30 min.

“Celebrity Homes,” gives viewers an intimate look into the lives of the rich and famous with personally guided tours of their homes; 26 x 30 min.

“The E! True Hollywood Story,” docu-dramas that reveal the truth behind Hollywood’s most intriguing and infamous stories; 90 x 60 min. & 60 x 120 min.

“Wild On…,” a sporlight on international pop-culture and entertainment; 52 x 60 min.

ECM Group

9B Ladbroke Grove

Holland Park

London W11 3BD, U.K

(44-20) 7727-5752

Fax: (44-20) 7729-2708

Web site: ecminternational.com

Booth: to come

Attending: Bill Wilson, CEO; Graham Spencer, general manager, Latin America.


“Connect4,” TV version of the hugely popular board game, which challenges contestants in a battle of skill and strategy.

“Hot Wired Planet,” cross-media event that connects the globe through its passion for music, dancing and night-clubbing.

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” the huge international ratings phenomenon that has revived the game show genre worldwide.

“I.D Who is Who?” game show, full of surprises for contestants and viewers, where human instincts are put to the ultimate test.

Egmont Imagination

239 Kensington High Street

London W8 6SA, U.K

(44-20) 7761-3693

Fax: (44-20) 7761-3510

Email: sales@imguk.egmont.com

Web site: www.imagination.dk

Booth: 1663-B.03

Attending: Tom van Waveren, president; Tatiana Kober, managing director; Poul Kofod, snr. VP, creative development; Michael Christensen, Charlotte Damgaard, producers.


“Drip and Dasher,” the first international Christmas Calender for TV; 24/25 x 13 min.

“Skipper and Skeeto,” delight in the tales of these two unlikely friends, Skipper, a mole, and Skeeto, a mosquito, as they discover their new home in Paradise Park; 26 x 13 min. or 13 x 30 min.

“Tracey McBean,” follow our heroine through inventinve journeys full of mystery, drama, bizarre twists and turns and scary stuff; 26 x 13 min. or 13 x 30 min.

“Troll Tales,” the adventures of three Trolls, Snapper, Tumbler and Willy Wee; 26 x 26 min.

Electric Sky

Friese Greene House

15-17 Middle Street

Brighton BN1 1AL, U.K

(44-1273) 201120

Fax: (44-1273) 201121

Email: info@electricsky.com

Web site: www.electricsky.com

Booth: 1663-B.05

Attending: David Pounds, CEO; Ros Ali, sales manager; Daniel Slight, head of animation.


“Treasure,” documentary series devoted to eccentric, exotic and erotic collectors; 24 x 40 min.

“Urbanation,” series in which each episode will concentrate on a city and investigate all that is new in the areas of pop, Club culture and fashion vibes; 8 x 24 min.

“Celtic Myths,” series that delves into the real stories of the Celts and finds their significance both in the ancient and contemporary world; 5 x 60 min. & 2 x 60 min.

“The Anna n Tommy Show,” series of animated shorts covering a wide range of aspects concerning health and well-being; 26 x 7 min.


45 rue Linois

75015 Paris, France

(33-1) 43-92-57-00

Fax: (33-1) 43-92-57-01

Web site: www.ellipsanime.com

In Las Vegas: Treasure Island Hotel

Attending: Robert Rea, exec. VP, children’s & family programming; Marie-Pierre Moulinjeune, VP, children’s & family programming.


“Corto,” sophisticated animated version of the legendary and beloved comic book hero created by the Italian artist Hugo Pratt; 26 x 30 min; 4 TV movies & a feature.

“Kings & Queens,” animated series for young audiences about 12 mad, maniacal monarchs; 65 x 5 min.

“Nick & Perry,” a couple of intelligent space dogs crash-land on Earth and have to behave like normal dogs to avoid trouble; 52 x 13 min.

“Xcalibur,” animated, action-packed series about a spellbound island-world where heroic fantasy blends with the legend of King Arthur; 40 x 30 min.

Ellipse Distribution

7 rue Casteja

92100 Boulogne, France

(33-1) 46-94-65-43

Fax: (33-1) 46-94-88-95

Email: contact@ ellipse-distribution.com

Web site:


Booth: 5259

Attending: Nicolas Pascault, sales exec.


“Crime Squad,” series centered on six dynamic, abrasive and savvy cops with little in common except an overriding passion for their job; 24 x 52 min.

“B.R.I.G.A.D.,” detective series featuring a rapid-reaction elite squad who are ready to respond to situations where the security of the people is at risk; 6 x 52 min.

“Lyon Special Unit,” a police commissioner in Lyon creates a special brigade for dismantling organized crime networks; 6 x 52 min.

“The Pagnol Trilogy,” miniseries centered on a bar in the old port of Marseille in 1930; 3 x 90 min.

EM TV & Merchandising

Beta Strasse 11

85774 Unterfohring, Germany

(49-89) 995000

Fax: (49-89) 99500-111

Email: info@em-ag.de

Web site: www.em-ag.de

Booth: 6100

Attending: Thomas Haffa, chairman of the board & CEO; Florian Haffa, deputy chairman of the board; Hans Peter Vriens, member of the board, marketing & sales; Helen Isaacson, president worldwide brand management; Rainer Siek, president worldwide TV sales; Patrick Elmendorff, snr. VP, intl. TV sales; Lysandra Karamitsou, director, intl. TV sales.


“Poochini,” animated series concerning a little dog, whose life changes when he moves to new owners; 78 x 7 min.

“Pigs Next Door,” a farmer gives his land to his loyal pigs, but the father of our pig’s family insists on offering his children the possibility of a good education, so they move to the city and to a neighborhood inhabited, without exception, by human beings; 26 x 24 min.

“Mummy Nanny,” cartoon series in which an Egyptian mummy awakes from its 5000-year sleep and finds herself in our hectic 21st century; 26 x 24 min.

“The Hoobs,” puppetry series about inquisitive little creatures who travel the Universe on fact-finding missions to help them in their goal to compile the ultimate Hobby encyclopedia; 250 x 30 min.

Entertainment Rights

Colet Court

100 Hammersmith Road

London W6 7JP, U.K

(44-20) 8762-6200

Fax: (44-20) 8762-6299

Web site: www.entertainmentrights.com

Booth: 1663-A.14

Attending: Jane Smith, managing director; Mike Heap, CEO; Alix Wiseman, sales manager; Chloe Van Den Berg; sales director; Susannah Cobbold, sales & marketing exec.


“Merlin,” when Ernie the harbor master buys Merlin a shiny red collar, his adventures take on a magical turn; 26 x 10 min. or 26 x 30 min.

“Custer’s Last Stand Up,” story of a 14-year-old boy from Ireland who dreams of becoming a stand-up comic; 26 x 30 min.

“Tangerine Bear,” story of a bear whose smile was accidentally sewn on upside-down and is neglected at Christmas time; 48 min. or 60 min.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas; O’ Christmas Tree & Jingle Bells,” 3 x 48 min. christmas speshes.

Euroarts Entertainment GmbH

Wilmersdorfer Str. 79

D-10629 Berlin, Germany

(49-30) 31803622

Fax: (49-30) 32783918

Email: w.voss@euroarts.com

Web site: www.euroarts.com

In Las Vegas; The Mirage

Attending: Teresa Dokey, VP, acquisitions & distribution.


“Around the Fire,” coming-of-age story in which an upper-class 17-year-old boy is introduced to the swirling world of young hipsters and flower teens by a free-spirited girl; 106 min.

“The Basket,” as America is reeling from WWI, two young German immigrants arrive to a prejudiced Pacific Northwest community; 105 min.

“Bonhoeffer – Agent of Grace,” story of a clergyman, who during the Third Reich, joined the ranks of a resistance group within German military counter-intelligence to conspire in an assassination attempt on The Fuehrer; 90 min.

“Havanna Mi Amor,” documentary on the inhabitants of Havanna, who gather in front of their TV’s every evening to dive into the world of the Telenovelas; 80 min/52 min.


33 avenue des Champs-Elysees

75008 Paris, France

(33-1) 42-25-64-92

Fax: (33-1) 42-25-73-38

Booth: 5412

Attending: Daniel Lesoeur, chairman; Ilona Kunesova, head of acquisition/development.


Europe Images Intl.

25 rue Francois 1er

75008 Paris, France

(33-1) 47-23-28-00

Fax: (33-1) 47-23-28-10

Email: europe_images@europeimages.com

Web site: www.europeimages.com

Booth: 5259

Attending: Frederic Rossignol, commercial director.


“Belphegor,” the adventures of a masked fiend, who darkens the skies of Paris and terrorises the local population; 26 x 26 min.

“Couples and Duos,” series tracing the public image of stars such as Rita Heyworth & Joseph von Sternberg or Orson Welles & Marlene Dietrich and the cultural, social and moral context of their encounter; 10 x 26 min.

“Adventures in the Wild,” two vets and their two-year-old daughter take a jeep ride half way across the world in search of disappearing species from the Yemen, through Africa and Madagascar and into Asia; 6 x 52 min.

“Children S.O.S.,” the organization that is the last resort for parents trying to retrieve their kidnapped children; 9 x 90 min.

Explore Intl.

33 Ovington Square


London SW3 1LJ, U.K

(44-20) 7581-7100

Fax: (44-20) 7581-7200

Email: info@explore-intl.com

Booth: 1663-A.04

Attending: Helen Grattan, managing director; Edwina Thring, sales director; Samantha Witters, director of marketing & communications; Paola Cunsolo, Italian consultant.


“Air Force One,” an in-depth look at the history of the U.S President” airplane; 52 min.

“Killer Whales, Up Close & Personal,” the life and times of a family of Crozet killer whales; 52 min.

“Red Crabs, Crazy Ants,” the perilous plight of the Christmas Island red crabs as they travel through the rainforest on their annual migration, attacked by a minute and deadly foe; 52 min.

“Celebrations,” over 20 years, Junichi Ushiyama, Japan’s foremost ethnographic filmmaker, had created a unique and intimate record of a changing world; 30 x 26 min.

Extreme Intl.

The Coach House, Ashford Lodge


Essex CO9 2RR, U.K

(44-1787) 479000

Fax: (44-1787) 479111

Email: info@extremeinternational.com

Web site: www.extremeinternational.com

Booth: 1663-D.01

Attending: Alistair Gosling, CEO; Ben Barrett, intl. sales director; Charlotte Cabrero, Latin America sales; Andy Walkman, head of acquisitions for Extreme Sports Channel; Lloyd Bryan Adams, COO (USA office); Adam Nagler, VP, marketing (USA office).


“World Extreme Games,” the first ever games will be staged as the alternative Olympics in Melbourne, Australia from Dec. 1-3, following on from the Sydney Olympics in September; 22 x 30 min. & 60 min. spesh.

“Core Culture,” weekly program showcasing the lifestyle, music, personalities and sports of the “alternative” youth culture; 26 x 60 min.

“Bluetorch,” your regular dose of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, freestyle moto-x, BMX, wakeboarding, lifestyle, music etc; 65 x 60 min.

“World Series Jet Sprints,” high powered V8 jet boats race a 130kph around winding course in a spectacular race against the clock; 12 x 30 min.

Filmax Intl.

Miguel Hernandez 81-87

Poligono Pedrosa

08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona, Spain

(34-93) 336-8555

Fax: (34-93) 263-0824

Web site: www.filmax.com

Booth: 5247-G

Attending: Antonia Nava, snr. VP of intl. sales & coproductions – fiction; Vicente Canales, intl. sales exec; Paco Rodriguez, snr. VP of intl. sales & coproductions – animation; Eduardo Escudero, business affairs – animation.


“Manolito Gafotas,” animation series; 26 x 26 min.

“Goomer,” animation series; 26 x 26 min.

“Capelito,” animation series; 52 x 5 min.

“The Crab Island,” animated feature film; 75 min.

Film Bridge Intl.

1316 Third St. Promenade, Suite 105

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 656-8680

Fax: (310) 656-8683

Booth: 662; phone (702) 943-4447

Attending: Ellen Wander; Incoronata Pagliuca; Lori Mathison; Isabel Preciado Loucks; Haydn Rigby.


“The Count,” a romantic adventure based on the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

“Say Nothing,” the lives of a young married couple are turned upside down when a stranger’s obsession not only puts their marriage at stake, but their lives as well.

“Lying in Wait,” a reclusive young artist is thrown into a world of lust, deceit and murder when a mysterious couple moves into the house next door.

“Beyond the Summit,” a documentary that follows an environmental expedition team on the largest clean-up of Mt. Everest.

Filmoption Intl.

3401 St-Antoine

Westmount, Quebec, Canada H3Z 1X1

(514) 931-6180

Fax: (514) 939-203

Booth: 5032; phone (702) 943-4362, fax (702) 943-4359

Attending: Maryse Rouillard, president; Lizanne Rouillard, VP; Muriel Rosilio, senior exec sales & co-productions


“One Life in Waiting,” days after turning 13, Annelies Clark became one of the only children in Canada to be listed for a double lung heart transplant; 52 min.

“Frontiers of Construction,” offers a blend of cutting edge science and technology by taking the viewer into the heart of this revolution to the places where our very future is being conceived; 26 x 60 min.

“Wilderness Journeys,” this series captures the sights and sounds of extraordinary places; 4 x 60 min.

“From Rusia, For Love,” the lives of two girls living in an orphanage in the snowy outskirts of a small Russian town are forever altered by an adoption from half a world away; 54 min.

Fireworks Intl.

Tennyson House

5th Floor

159-165 Great Portland Street

London W1W 5PA, U.K

(44-20) 7307-6300

Fax: (44-20) 7307-6399

Email: info@firecorp.co.uk

Booth: 4847

Attending: Greg Phillips, president; Clare Caufield, marketing director.


“Mutant X,” the exploits of a group of human mutants with extraordinary powers, who pit themselves against an evil and surreptitious governmental agency; 22 x 60 min.

“Blonde,” fictionalised ramatisation of Marilyn Monroe, based on the biography by Joyce Carol Oates; 2 x 120 min.

“Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda,” series centered on the last starship captain of the System’s Commonwealth, the Earth-based government that spans a thousand worlds, embracing hundreds of different races and cultures; 44 x 60 min.

“Queen of Swords,” story of a sensuous and beautiful avenger, who battles greed and corruption in 19th century California; 22 x 60 min.

France Animation

14 rue Alexandre Parodi

75010 Paris, France

(33-1) 53-35-90-90

Fax: (33-1) 53-35-90-91

Email: france-animation


Booth: 5259

Attending: Giovanna Milano, chairman & CEO; Maia Tubiana, head of development; Lionel Marty, head of sales & acquisitions.


“Horace & Tina,” when two waist-high “Nelfs” fall into Lauren’s lap, her world is turned upside down; 26 x 26 min.

“Wheel Squad,” animated series featuring young rollerblade and skateboard wizards; 26 x 26 min.

“Aliens Among Us,” a young alien looks to see how earth kids deal with the same questions he has to deal with on his own planet; 65 x 5 min. or 13 x 26 min.

“Titeuf,” animated series in which our hero and his friends are restlessly involved in stories raising questions all kids are concerned by; 78 x 7 min. or 26 x 26 min.

France TV Distribution

Immeuble “Le Barjac”

1 Boulevard Victor

75015 Paris, France

(33-1) 44-25-01-40

Fax: (33-1) 44-25-01-42

Email: ftdinternational@francetv.com

Booth: 5259

Attending: Marc Bonduel, president; Herve Michel, snr. VP, intl. sales; Pierre-Francois Gaudry, VP, intl. sales; Alexandre Piel, manager, intl. sales.


“The Blue Bicycle,” story of an impossible love, set against the background of WWII; 3 x 90 min. or 6 x 52 min.

“The Foundling,” a young orphan begins a wandering existence when he is sold to a travelling musician and animal-trainer; 2 x 90 min. or 4 x 52 min.

“A Case of Emergency,” an anaesthetist working as a paramedic reaches breaking-point when her life is abruptly shattered by betrayal and a tragic death in the family; 2 x 90 min. or 4 x 52 min.

“China Wings,” series set in China in the ’20s in which our to heroes, St-Clair and Blanchard launch their aviation company; 26 x 26 min.

The Fremantle Corp.

660 Madison Ave.

New York, NY 10021

(212) 421-4530

Fax: (212) 207-8357

Booth: 6010; phone (702) 943-3522, fax (702) 943-3519

Attending: Paul Talbot, president-CEO; Blanca Oca-Pertierra, VP Latin America & home video; Diane Tripp, VP; Keith Talbot, director development; Veronique Heim, managing director; Randy Zalken, senior VP.


“Hollywood DC: A Tale of Two Cities,” examines the irresistible attraction between Washington and Hollywood; 120 min.

“Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion: The Series,” a cop by day and masked crusader by night; 22 x 60 min.

“Home Movies,” animated series about a budding amateur movie maker whose recently divorced mom endures his obsession, as a means to keep her socially awkward son occupied while she muddles through single parenthood; 13 x 30 min.

“WOW (Women of Wrestling),” 48 hours.

Frontline Entertainment

10780 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 280

Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 234-9678

Fax: (310) 234-9677

Email: frontlinefilm@aol.com

Booth: 1623; phone (702) 943-3770

Attending: Ami Artzi, Yoram Globus, co-chairmen; Liron Artzi, senior VP; Daniel M. Levine, VP.


“DF1: The Lost Patrol,” an elite commando unit must prevent an international arms dealer from launching a nuclear war; 93 min.

“The Christmas Path,” when a Christmas angel is sent to Earth to rekindle the Christmas spirit in an unhappy little boy magical things begin to happen to a single mom and her family; 93 min.

“Lemon Popsicle: The Party Goes On,” relive what it was like growing up in the 60’s with the whole gang of cool guys, cute girls and a killer soundtrack; 90 min.

“M.I.A.: Rescue At All Costs,” a former Delta Force Agent is recruited by the U.S. government to free American hostages being held in the Mid-East by terrorist extremests.

Full Moon Intl.

1645 N. Vine St., 9th floor

Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 468-0599

Fax: (323) 468-0598

Email: cshaw@fullmoonuniverse.com

Booth: 740

Attending: Charles Band; Adam Wolf; Ed Shields; Christopher Shaw; Pat Siciliano.


“William Shatners Full Moon Fright Night,” 18 x 90 min.

“Flesh TV,” soft core adult entertainment; 13 x 30 min.