The shutdown continues at Artists Television Group, which pink-slipped another seven staffers Thursday.

Insiders said that, for all intents and purposes, ATG has closed its doors and will now focus on winding down operations. A “clean-up crew” of 13 employees, including ATG prexy Eric Tannenbaum and chief operating officer/executive vice president Sandra Stern, remained as of Thursday night.

Among those laid off were creative affairs and business affairs execs. ATG sources said the production company is hoping to avoid an atmosphere of panic by slowly cutting staff rather than doing it all at once.

Insiders added there’s no timetable to additional departures. Execs such as accountants and others involved with ATG’s roster of shows are still needed to oversee day-to-day activity until the company officially shuts down or transfers its assets elsewhere.

ATG cut 18 staffers on Aug. 8 after it failed to find a studio or network partner willing to forge a joint venture with the company. Since then, Tannenbaum and ATG founder Michael Ovitz have been looking to sell off the producer’s assets in clusters or as piecemeal.

Studios such as Paramount and Warner Bros. have been approached about picking up a mini-ATG, which might include a mix of ATG’s talent roster and execs such as Tannenbaum, but no deal has been made.

“ATG still has assets that it owns and is in discussions with several parties about the assets,” an ATG spokesperson said. “We are making every effort to make the transition as smooth and beneficial as we can for both the ATG talent roster and its shows.”