Liberal groups like NOW and FAIR are up in arms about CNN’s attempts to woo Rush Limbaugh and conservative politicos.

On Thursday, both orgs lobbed hand grenades in CNN’s direction, accusing the cable news net of threatening its reputation in an effort to bolster ratings. Both the femme org and the media watchdog group urged activists to contact CNN and voice their concerns.

CNN is in talks with conservative radio host Limbaugh about hosting a show on the net. In addition, CNN chairman Walter Isaacson recently reached out to top Republican lawmakers in Washington D.C., seeking to improve relations with them.

“NOW activists are letting CNN know that they don’t have to sink to the level of the Fox News Channel to win viewers. There is still a place for responsible journalism on TV and Rush Limbaugh is neither responsible nor a journalist,” NOW prexy Kim Gandy offered in a statement.

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) views CNN’s discussions with Limbaugh as “another sign that the network’s plan seems to involve amplifying conservative voices on the channel.”

The group also took CNN to task for courting Republican politicos. “Powerful politicians should be the subject of media coverage, not partners in producing it,” according to FAIR’s action alert.

In a statement, CNN said, “We welcome the views of all organizations and individuals. Our hallmark worldwide is our commitment to provide viewers with balanced and accurate coverage of the news as well as to present a diversity of on-air voices and perspectives, and we will not waiver from that commitment.”