Perhaps they ought to rename it “Maybe I’m Adopted … but there’s nothing wrong with that. Really.”

Co-producers Warner Bros. Television and Touchstone Television have opted to rename the new WB’s fall sitcom “Maybe I’m Adopted,” though producers haven’t yet picked a new moniker for the show, according to some.

Studio execs opted to make the change after concerns over the title were brought to their attention. Some individuals, including WB viewers via the Frog’s Web site, have complained that the show’s name painted adoption in a negative light.

The single-camera comedy follows the exploits of a teenage girl and her quirky family (including parents Fred Willard and Julia Sweeney).

“Maybe I’m Adopted” garnered strong buzz at the Frog’s upfront presentation earlier this month.

Studio execs were unavailable for comment, but a WB spokesman confirmed that “there is ongoing discussion on the Internet and other forums regarding the sensitivity of the show’s title, and we are listening to the debate with open ears.”