NEW YORK — Major Clients Agency has been relaunched as Genesis.

Partners Jeffrey Benson, Stephen Rose, Michael Margules and Ian Greenstein head the reformed company; Greenstein joined last fall from Broder Kurland Webb Uffner.

The partners say that other than a continued specialization in writers and directors, the new entity will bear little resemblance to the old; it will continue to use its strong TV writer-producer list to build a business based around series packaging but has revamped its feature department to service its feature scribes and give the TV types a chance at the bigscreen as well.

Major Clients ended its run when partner Richard Weston retired. Benson and Rose ran the tenpercentery with him, and revamped by upping Margules to partner level and wooing Greenstein with the promise of a new venture.

“At small boutique agencies — as well as the major agencies — the agents represent their specific clients and everyone is on their own planet,” Rose said. “Writers are forced to get managers now because they don’t feel they have a team behind them.”

Rose said that the agency’s sole focus on talent allows its clients the chance to work with any actor, as Genesis isn’t out to hog an entire packaging fee the way some tenpercenteries do.

“We’ve been sitting down with both management companies and agencies, comparing lists and trying to put together packages,” Rose said. “One of our benefits is that if I have a writer with a pilot commitment, I can go to any agency in town and not be locked into my own actors. Big agencies don’t want to go outside their own talent pools because they have to give up half those series packaging fees.”One of the first packages comes via Gil Grant, who’ll spearhead the new syndicated drama “Tracker” that will star Adrian Paul, who toplined the “Highlander” series.

Showrunner stable

The Genesis client list is loaded with runners of existing shows, from Eunetta Boone (“My Wife and Kids”) to former “Seinfeld” toppers Tom Gammill and Max Pross; “Everybody Loves Raymond” co-exec producer Jeremy Stevens; “Titus” co-exec producer Sally Lapiduss; “Futurama” exec producer Ken Keeler and co-exec producer Patric Verrone; “Drew Carey” co-producers Mitch and Jana Hunter; “Chris Isaac” co-exec producer-creator Bill Walker; “Third Watch” co-exec producer Bonnie Mark; “Charmed” co-exec producer Sheryl Anderson; “Law & Order: SVU” co-exec producer Judy McCreary and co-producers Dawn Denoon and Lisa Marie Peterson; and “Frasier” co-exec producer Lori Kirkland, to name just a few.

On the feature side, Genesis has former WMA agent Lee Cohen, Scott Henderson and Ken Greenblatt repping a screenwriter list that includes John Pogue (“U.S. Marshals”), Dave Polsky (“Scary Movie 2”) and John Norville (“Tin Cup”).