‘ET Weekend’ leads gainers

'X-Files' reruns just behind

In the first week that included days from the May ratings sweep, four of the top six weekly hours gained week-to-week, and “Entertainment Tonight Weekend” improved 52% from last year.

“ET Weekend” moved up 14% from the prior week to a 4.1 national household rating for the week ending April 29, according to Nielsen.

The skein led the weekly hour batch in a frame that included the first Thursday-Sunday of the May ratings period. The same week last year also included four days of the May sweep.

Weekly “X-Files” repeats followed “ET Weekend” in the category, moving up 13% over the previous week to 3.6, which was even with its perf for the same week last year.

“Stargate SG-1” and frosh actioner “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda” both earned a 2.9. “Stargate” was up 4% for the week and down 12% year-to-year, while “Andromeda” was down 3% week-to-week.

“Xena: Warrior Princess,” which is ending its run this season, moved up 17% to 2.8, from the season low it hit the previous week. The show is down 13% from the year before.

Repeats depress viewing

The strips were mostly down during the week that featured many repeats in the first half of the week, before sweeps episodes kicked in.

Among the most dramatic moves at the top of the talk category was “Live! With Regis & Kelly’s” 23% dip from the previous week to a season low of 3.0.

Dip, during Kelly Ripa’s 11th week in the co-host chair, reps a 14% slide from the same week the prior year, when Kathie Lee Gifford was still co-hosting with Regis Philbin.

It also meant the show moved from second to fourth place among the talkers week-to-week.

Dip likely is due in part to the fact that the normally live “Live!,” which has been on a ratings roll this season, featured repackaged shows during the week.

“Oprah” led the talkers, edging up 2% from the previous week to a 5.6, but slipping 8% year-to-year.

“Jerry Springer” moved into the second-place slot, with a 3.4. “Springer’s” perf was down 8% for the week and down 11% for the year.

“Maury” followed, up 3% week-to-week to a 3.3, but down 6% for the year.

“Montel Williams” and “Rosie O’Donnell” tied “Live!” for fourth, also with a 3.0 each.

“Montel” was up 7% for both the week and the year.

“Rosie,” coming off of weeks without its regular host due to a hand injury, was up 11% for the week, but down 14% for the year.

Court shows off

Elsewhere in daytime, the court shows were all down or flat for the week, and the returning gavelers were down by double-digit percentages across the board.

Among the rookie strips, “Judge Hatchett” clinched first place alone for the first time, although it dipped 5%, to 1.9.

“Power of Attorney,” the usual leader of the group, moved down 10% to a season low 1.8. Skein was preempted in at least four markets by sports for several days during the week.

“Street Smarts” matched “Power’s” 1.8 take by moving up 6%.

“To Tell the Truth” moved up 7% to a 1.6, and “Arrest & Trial” was flat at 1.4.

“Curtis Court” moved down 13% to a season low 1.3, and “Moral Court” was flat at 0.9.

Rounding out the frosh batch were: “Dr. Laura” (0.7), “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” (0.6) and “Sex Wars” (0.5).