Endemol goes Globo

Joint venture to air programming in Latin America

AMSTERDAM — Endemol Entertainment and TV Globo, a subsidiary of the Globo Organization, Latin America’s biggest media group, are forming joint venture production company Endemol Globo to pump out entertainment programming for free and pay TV in the territory.

Accord gives Endemol Globo the exclusive rights to exploit the 400-format Endemol catalog in Brazil and includes a six-year volume production deal with TV Globo. The 50/50 joint venture will also develop formats and programs to be licensed worldwide.

Brazilian over-the-air TV giant TV Globo controls a dominant share in free TV, satellite and cable, enabling the new company to provide its formats wide exposure in Brazil, a territory of 164 million people.

Endemol board member Hubert Deitmers told Daily Variety the joint venture was “a tremendous deal for us,” noting that “75% of the ad revenue in Latin America comes from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina,” with Brazil taking a healthy slice of that percentage.

Endemol’s presence in Latin America has increased exponentially since the Dutch-based company’s takeover last year by Spanish media group Telefonica, which owns a 100% stake in Argentinean channel Telefe and a 50% stake in TV Azul. Telefonica also has Spanish film, TV and Internet interests with links to Latin America.

Earlier this year Endemol acquired a 65% stake in Argentinean television production company Producciones y Publicidad (P&P), which produces entertainment and infotainment programs. Subsid P&P Digital is also involved in online activities. P&P’s Argentinean edition of “Big Brother” pulled down market shares of up to 91% when it aired the Endemol format, with P&P Digital providing the Web companion. The show was simultaneously broadcast in Uruguay and is poised to move to Colombia and Venezuela.

Endemol has also inked a three-year volume deal with Telefe and is set to close deals with a major player on the Mexican market, where it will also set up a joint-venture production company.

“The companies we are setting up in Latin America will also be taking commissions from third parties,” said Peter Langenberg, general manager of program affairs for Endemol.