On May 14 when Lou Dobbs returns to the anchor chair at CNN, he’ll be hosting a new show. Rather than “Moneyline With Lou Dobbs,” it’s now “Lou Dobbs Moneyline.”

“I think the apostrophe is implied,” says Dobbs, who quit CNN in June 1999 after clashes with management.

The news net is so happy to have him back in the fold that they’ve launched a huge “Lou’s Back!” promotional campaign, including TV commercials which compare Dobbs to Darwin and Thomas Edison.

“Part of me is profoundly disappointed that they neglected to include Aristotle, Copernicus and Linus Pawling. I think Alexander the Great would have been good, too, but I don’t think one should ask for too much,” says Dobbs.

To commemorate Dobb’s return, he and Jamie Kellner, the new chief exec of CNN parent Turner Broadcasting, will ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, guerrilla marketers will bombard Wall Street with coffee cups and fake newspapers trumpeting the good news.

The pressure will be on Dobbs to return the luster to “Moneyline.” Even before Dobbs’ exit, CNBC’s “Business Center” had overtaken the financial news show in the ratings. And last week, CNBC announced it would expand “Business Center” an extra hour and would move to an earlier time slot to get a jump on “Moneyline.”

But, Dobbs isn’t fazed by the pressure.

“I welcome the close examination that everyone will give the broadcast. The fact is: That’s part of the fun,” he says.