How has your life changed since joining the show?

“It has certainly opened a lot of doors for other jobs. I don’t think I would have had any movies or any other jobs if it wasn’t for ‘The Practice,’ because it put me in a whole different genre.”

What do you admire most about your character?

“She is the most intelligent 20-year-old on TV. When I first started on the show she was 17, and so was I. And even then, she was always very intelligently written, and it was something that really attracted me to the part.”

What part of your character would you like to learn more about?

“Probably her past. It was touched on a little bit, like her Mom is dead, and that’s why she has this intense way of taking care of people. I’d love to touch on that more and find out why she feels the need to take care of people so much.”

What’s your favorite on-set anecdote?

“There was this scene where I was really pissing off Camryn’s character, and she was supposed to punch me. We had the stunt guy coordinating the whole thing, so she wouldn’t actually hit me. But one time she came really close, and I definitely saw Jesus, because I thought if she hits me I’m going out.”

Any interest in being a lawyer in your next life?

“I used to think that when I was first on the show. I thought I would really like to go to law school because its so interesting. But now, after I realized you have to go to school for 800 years, I’ve decided, no, it’s not for me.”