How has your life changed since joining the show?

“I have been humbled by the financial stability that ‘The Practice has brought to my life. At the same time my appetite has grown with the desire to truly participate, contribute and evolve as an actor.”

What do you admire most about your character?

“What I admire most about Rebecca is that she exists, that her presence is felt and seen by the viewing audience at large. When I am stopped by fans, especially African-Americans, I completely understand their appreciation and their hunger to see themselves truthfully reflected onscreen.”

What part of your character would you like to learn more about?

“Pick any aspect about a human’s beings struggle to be, allow Rebecca to reflect that story and I would be thrilled.”

What’s your favorite on-set moment?

“I think it’s true that Steve Harris (Eugene Young) and I were the first to be cast. He and I often joke that the rest of the ensemble was cast around us. Now that’s funny.”

Any interest in being a lawyer in your next life?

“If I knew for certain that I would become a Supreme Court justice, if I knew that I would stand toe to toe with the likes of Thomas and O’Connor, if I knew I would have the opportunity to outvote them and then blast them into shame for their failed attempt at a coup in the 2000 election, then yes, I would be interested in becoming a lawyer in my next life.”