How has your life changed since joining the show?

“One, the quality is such that it makes it a pleasure to go to work. Two, it’s so hard to have anything successful in the entertainment business so when something is it’s great to be on that ride. Three, it’s given me a profile that has enhanced my credibility by being on the show.”

What do you admire most about your character?

“He’s not a white knight. Bobby struggles with his own demons and his own credibility, and how he’s being corrupted by the system.”

What part of your character would you like to learn more about?

“I’d like to know where he stands on the moral front. How far will he go? He’s pressed it pretty far this year by being on trial for murder. He’s pushing the envelope in many ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bobby ends up in prison, or if he ran for the Senate. He’s capable of both.”

What’s your favorite on-set anecdote?

“One was when David came down on the set with seven of those Robert Palmer girls in tow. It was just so funny. The second was when we had a big catfight on the conference table and Camryn actually picked me up and body slammed me.”

Any interest in being a lawyer in your next life?

“Absolutely none. It’s a rough ride being a lawyer, especially criminal defense. It’s a lot of work and emotional turmoil. There’s no way I could ever do it.”