How has your life changed since joining the show?

“You mean how is my life that David Kelley built? I have to say it has changed dramatically. Almost all of the good fortune and good things that have come my way are directly related to being on ‘The Practice.'”

What do you admire most about your character?

“I admire her fearlessness. I admire her moral barometer, because she has a really strong sense of her own personal justice. She is willing to push the envelope, and cross boundaries to satisfy her own sense of justice.”

What part of your character would you like to learn more about?

“I think we all are very interested in our personal lives, and our family history, and our friendships. But the show is called ‘The Practice’ and people want to see courtroom drama. I’d like to see my character more out and about in social situations, let her hair down, and see what she’s like when she’s not in a suit.

What’s your favorite on-set anecdote?

“Last year’s season finale of the three-part death penalty episode was probably the single most important thing I’ve ever done as an actor. To be able to really put forth both arguments so articulately, and then to show how grossly inadequate the justice system is when it comes to the death penalty is probably the most important thing and thrilling thing I’ve ever done.”

Any interest in being a lawyer in your next life?

“I have an interest in being a lawyer in this life, and if you were to ask me for legal advice, I’d be happy to give it to you. People do ask me all the time, and I don’t hesitate to tell them what to do.”