Fox affil on Emmy nom high

KTTV leads L.A. news crews

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Fox station KTTV led the L.A. market with 22 local Emmy noms, announced Thursday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS).

118 noms in 34 categories were announced, as well as the winners of the juried awards for the 53rd annual Los Angeles-area Emmy Awards.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners June 23 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Young Broadcasting’s KCAL (18) followed KTTV in noms, with Craft/United’s UPN affil KCOP (12) in third.

Multiple noms also went to KCET (8), KCBS (7), KNBC (7), KTLA (6) and Fox Sports Net (5).

KABC, KMEX, KVEA, KLCS, KWHY and LA Cityview each earned 4. Fox Sports Net 2 garnered 3.

The nom tallies do not include juried kudos, which are given in several categories, including public service announcements, graphics and some technical crafts.

Joel Tator will receive the Los Angeles Governors Award.

And the nominees are…

L.A. Local Color

Asian Pacific Heritage – Many Cultures, Many Contributions — KTTV
Susan Hirasuna, Producer/Host

California Aids Ride — KTTV
Linda Joyce, Reporter

YWCA: Leader Luncheon Awards — LA Cityview35
Gail Choice, Producer
Tony Ighani, Executive Producer

Baby Love: Prenatal Care For You And Your Baby — KCOP
Mo’Nique, Host
Dave Goetz, Feature Producer
Mary Grady, Feature Producer
Wendy Griffin, Associate Producer
Renee Hambley, Feature Producer
Peter Schlesinger, Executive Producer
Suzan Jorgensen-Torgerson, Producer
Sandra Helen Wilson, Coordinating Producer

Teachers & Their Coaches – Creating An Effective Environment For Students — KLCS
David Bonneau, Producer
Alice D. Bowens, Producer
Sandra Bradley, Producer
Lorna Gerry, Producer
Phyllis Gudoski, Producer
Barry Kibrick, Producer
Karol Mills-Marbury, Producer
Anita Moultrie, Producer
Carol Nakayama, Producer
Aleeta Powers, Producer
Scott Weber, Co-Producer

Crime/Social Issues

Black & Brown: When Colors Collide — KTTV
Christina Gonzalez, Reporter

Building Hope — LA Cityview35
Tony Ighani, Executive Producer
Richard Samuels, Producer

Census Special — KMEX
Jorge Barbosa, Reporter
Omar Germenos, Host
Maria Elena Jauregui, Producer
Jairo Marin, Executive Producer
Sandra Peebles, Reporter
Rafael Pineda, Reporter
Teresa Quevedo, Reporter
Moana Ramirez, Producer
Jaime Ruiz, Reporter
Harold Trucco, Producer

Arts And Culture/History

Everlasting Spring — LA Cityview35
Jack Foster, Producer
Tony Ighani, Executive Producer

Eyewitness To The Holocaust — KOCE
Maria Hall-Brown, Producer

Songs Of Our Success — KTTV
Tony Mcewing, Co-Producer/Host

Suiho En: Garden Of Water And Fragrance — LA Cityview35
Cynthia J. Chow Snavely, Host
Kevin Snavely, Producer

Informational/Public Affairs Series (More Than 50% Remote)

All About Burbank with BTV6
Tina Staffon, Producer

Vista L.A. — ABC7
Henry Alfaro, Host
Laura Diaz, Host
Joanna Gonzales, Segment Producer
Velia La Garda, Producer

Informational/Public Affairs Series (More Than 50% Studio Based)

Between The Lines — KLCS
Barry Kibrick, Producer/Host
Scott Weber, Co-Producer

Life & Times Tonight — KCET
Philip Bruce, Producer/Reporter
Linda Burns, Producer
Al Corral, Executive Producer
Vicki Curry, Producer
Susan Haag, Producer
Hugh Hewitt, Host
Kerman Maddox, Host
Patt Morrison, Host
Noah Nelson, Producer/Reporter
Warren Olney, Host
Nancy Salter, Producer
Gay Yee, Producer/Reporter
Val Zavala, Host

Making It! Minority Success Stories — KTLA
Sonia Alvarado, Producer
Nelson Davis, Executive Producer
Gayle Anderson, Host
Kimberly Holmes-Lamar, Segment Producer
Larry Mccormick, Host
Sharon Tay, Host

Midday Sunday — KTTV
John Frenzel, Executive Producer
Tony Valdez, Producer/Host

Pacesetters — KTLA
Ray Gonzales, Executive Producer/Host
Victoire Prothro, Associate Producer.2
Entertainment Programming

Faust — LA36
Alessandro Machi, Director

Latin Rock Revolution — KCOP
Rodrigo Barajas, Feature Producer
Georgia Carrera, Co-Producer
Gregory Gillbergh, Feature Producer
Dave Goetz, Producer
Nancy Henderson, Associate Producer
Warren Peters, Feature Producer
Naibe Reynoso, Associate Producer
Gustavo Rex, Announcer
Lauren Sanchez, Host
Peter Schlesinger, Executive Producer
Jose Solano, Host
Sandra Helen Wilson, Coordinating Producer

Children/Youth Programming

Tales From A Teen Clinic — CityTV
Robin Gee, Executive Producer
Al Johnson, Associate Producer
Brian Murphy, Producer

Video In The Classroom Awards — KLCS
Felecia Roberson, Producer

News Special

DNC Special — KCOP
KCOP News Staff

La Riots :From This Day Forward — KTTV
Christina Gonzalez, Producer/Reporter
Jilla St.Germain-Gauthier, Producer

Sports Special

2000 L.A. Lakers: Return To Glory W Fox Sports Net
Ryan Bache, Associate Producer
Jason Challinor, Associate Producer
Danny Cordeniz, Associate Producer
Cara Frieden, Associate Producer
Gary Garcia, Executive Producer
Micah King, Producer
Jonathan Lababit, Associate Producer
Brian Mitchell, Associate Producer
Stephanie Moore, Producer
Jeff Proctor, Executive Producer
Paul Sunderland, Host
Spencer Willets, Associate Producer

2000 Southern California Special Olympics with Fox Sports Net
Ryan Bache, Associate Producer
Chris Calleton, Associate Producer
Leanza Cornett, Host
Gary Garcia, Executive Producer
John Hefner, Associate Producer
Bill Macdonald, Host
Stephanie Moore, Associate Producer
Brian Nettles, Associate Producer
Jeff Proctor, Executive Producer
Mark Walton, Producer
Spencer Willets, Associate Producer

Raise The Bar-Kings Pre-Season Special with Fox Sports Net
Jim Fox, Host
Dave Frederick, Producer
Gary Garcia, Executive Producer
Bill Macdonald, Host
Jeff Proctor, Executive Producer
Mark Reinschreiber, Associate Producer
Mark Shah, Coordinating Producer

The Road To Sydney — NBC4
Dino Castro, Producer
Carlos Del Valle, Producer
Greg Dowling, Producer
Steve Leveton, Producer
Fred Roggin, Executive Producer
Charlie Rosene, Executive Producer
Phil Van Horn, Producer.3

Sports Series

Golf The West with Fox Sports Net2
Tom Kelly, Host
Kyle Reischling, Producer
Mark Walton, Producer
Spencer Willets, Associate Producer

Inside Cal-Hi Sports with Fox Sports Net2
Adrianna Banovich, Reporter
Brian Curtis, Reporter
Gary Garcia, Executive Producer
John Hefner, Associate Producer
John Jackson, Reporter
Johnathan Lababbit, Associate Producer
Megan Maciejowski, Associate Producer
Stephanie Moore, Reporter
Larry Patin, Associate Producer
Jeff Proctor, Executive Producer
Mark Walton, Producer
Jim Watson, Host

Ironmen-Iron Hearts — ABC7
Curt Sandoval, Producer/Reporter

Lakers Pre-Game Special — KCAL
Josh Bradford, Associate Producer
Lou Cook, Producer
W. Scott Henry, Executive Producer
Derrin Horton, Reporter
John Ireland, Reporter
Alan Massengale, Co-Host
Pat Mcclemahan, Executive Producer
Mike Muriano, Producer
Brian Singer, Associate Producer
James Worthy, Co-Host

Live Sports Coverage

The John R. Wooden Classic — KCAL
Garry Ashton, Associate Producer
Derrin Horton, Host
Ron Jacobs, Feature Producer
Tom Kelly, Announcer
Russell Kodani, Associate Director
Robert Matthews, Producer
Pat Mcclenahan, Executive Producer
Tom Mouzis, Producer
Bob Neal, Announcer
Susan Stratton, Executive Producer/Director
Beth Stiller, Technical Director
Seth Shore, Feature Producer
Victor Smith, Associate Producer
Bill Walton, Announcer
Jamie Weimer, Associate Producer
Brad Zager, Graphics Coordinator

L.A. Clippers Basketball — KCAL

Garry Ashton, Associate Producer
Ken Breitstein, Graphics Coordinator
Tom Ceterski, Director
Dawn D’Agostino, Associate Director
Dustin Denti, Technical Director
Ralph Lawler, Announcer
Patrick Mcclenahan, Executive Producer
Bill Pettigrew, Associate Producer
Jeff Proctor, Producer
Bill Walton, Announcer
Jamie Weimer, Associate Producer

L.A. Marathon — KCOP
Michelle Bonner, Reporter
Rick Chambers, Reporter
Jeff Clarke, Director
Christine Coates, Associate Producer
Hal Eisner, Reporter
Leslie Ellson, Technical Director
Susan Ewing, Associate Director
Doug Freeman, Start/Finish Director
Dave Goetz, Producer
Adela Gonzalez, Associate Director
Wendy Griffin, Associate Producer
Renee Hambley, Co-Producer
Nancy Henderson, Associate Producer
Steve Jahnke, Elite Athlete Producer
Suzan Jorgensen-Torgerson, Associate Producer
Harry Kooperstein, Start/Finish Producer
Nancy Lemay, Graphics Coordinator
Robert Kovacik, Reporter
Ted Lin, Feature Producer
Matt Lipp, Start/Finish Line Producer
Tim Mcloone, Reporter
Bob Molinatti, Analyst
Willie Olmstead, Associate Director
Sherman Overton, Feature Producer
Christina Penza, Reporter
Jim Pells, Graphics Coordinator
Warren Peters, Co-Producer
Larry Rawson, Co-Host
Toni Reavis, Analyst
Danny Romero, Reporter
Lauren Sanchez, Reporter
Peter Schlesinger, Executive Producer
Beth Stiller, Start/Finish Technical Director
Kathrine Switzer, Analyst
Barry Tompkins, Host
Izzy Estrada, Associate Producer
Sandra Helen Wilson, Coordinating Producer.4

L.A. Avengers Football — KCAL
Garry Ashton, Associate Producer
Artie Gigantino, Announcer
Derrin Horton, Announcer
Bill Irwin, Director
Ron Jacobs, Feature Producer
Russell Kodani, Associate Director
Robert Matthews, Producer
Pat Mcclenahan, Executive Producer
Tom Mouzis, Producer
Seth Shore, Graphics Coordinator
Susan Stratton, Executive Producer

L.A. Kings Hockey with Fox Sports Net
Bob Borgen, Producer
Jim Fox, Color Commentary
Gary Garcia, Executive Producer
Mike Hassan, Director
Bill Macdonald, Reporter
Bob Miller, Play By Play
Greg Taylor, Coordinating Producer
Beth Stiller, Technical Director
Rod Windley, Associate Director
Debbie Kilmartin, Coordinating Producer

Sports Feature

Andrew Bernstein (Lakers Live) with Fox Sports Net
Stephanie Moore, Producer
Paul Sunderland, Reporter
Spencer Willets, Producer

Kiteboarding (Extreme Sports Rush) — KTTV
Rick Garcia, Reporter;
Rick Marquardt, Producer

Kyle Mersola (Inside Cal-Hi Sports) with Fox Sports Net2
Brian Curtis, Producer/Reporter

Probation Football — ABC7
Curt Sandoval, Producer/Reporter

Womans’ Sexuality In Sports (Sunday Night Sports) — NBC4
Dino Castro, Producer
Greg Dowling, Producer
Fred Roggin, Executive Producer
Charlie Rosene, Producer

Live Special Events

2000 Tournament Of Roses Parade — KTLA
Joe Quasarano, Executive Producer
Chris Reilly, Co-Producer
Ira Lawson, Associate Producer
Christie Lyn Lugo, Coordinating Producer
Steve Orlandella, Director
Stephanie Medina, Associate Director
Doug Larson, Technical Director
Stephanie Edwards, Host
Bob Eubanks, Host

Tournament Of Roses Parade: Celebration 2000 — KMEX
Michele Cordoba, Executive Producer
Eduardo Kachscovsky, Director
Rick Morales, Producer
Beth Stiller, Technical Director
Pablo F. Urquiza, Producer

Feature Segment

Michael Whitmore (Special Olympics 2000) with Fox Sports Net 1 & 2
Kyle Reischling, Producer

Neon L.A. (Life & Times Tonight) — KCET
Saul Gonzalez, Producer/Reporter

Suzanna Guzman-Latin Opera Star (Life & Times Tonight) — KCET
Gay Yee, Producer/Reporter

Information Segment

Dying Pelicans (Life & Times Tonight) — KCET
Philip Bruce, Producer/Reporter

Infant Eye Test (Life & Times Tonight) — KCET
Gay Yee, Producer/Reporter

Navajo Relocation (Life & Times Tonight) — KCET
Susan Haag, Producer

Live Coverage Of An Unscheduled News Event

Building Collapse (6PM News) — KVEA
KVEA News Staff

Lakers Unrest (News At 9 & 10 PM) — KCAL
KCAL News Staff

Water Rescue — KCAL

Gil Leyvas, Photographer
Larry Welk, Reporter.5

Serious News Story – Single Report

Alvarado Update (UPN News 13) — KCOP
Rick Chambers, Anchor
Javier Medel, Camera
Robert Rand, Producer

An Angel Of The Homeless (Al Filo De La Noticias 4 PM) — KWHY
Karen Carranza, Executive Producer
Harold De Leon, Camera
Pilar Garibotto, Executive Producer
Fernando Gonzalez, Executive Producer
Jose Gregorio Lopez, Editor
Fermin Olmedo, Producer
Evelyn Palma, Reporter

Heart Baby (News At 8 & 10) — KCAL
Leyna Nguyen, Reporter

LAPD Corruption Scandal: Fruits Case( Fox News At 10) — KTTV
Yvette Fernandez, Reporter

MTA: Conductor Golpeado (Ten O’Clock News) — KWHY
Jorge Lopez, Camera
Edwing Mayorga, Editor
Emma Mota, Reporter

New Face On Life (KCAL News At 8PM) — KCAL
Laura Fogel, Producer
Cathy Foppoli, Editor
Sylvia Lopez, Reporter

Paralyzed Motorcyclist (UPN 13 News) — KCOP
Jodi Baskervlle, Reporter
Debbie Kim Bauer, Editor
Kristin Lang, Executive Producer

Vida Program (Fox 11 News At Ten) — KTTV
Carol Breshears, Executive Producer
Christine Devine, Reporter
Greg Montemorro, Producer/Editor
Robert Verela, Camera

Serious News Story – Multi-Part

Border Wars (News At 8 & 10) — KCAL
Jaime Garza, Reporter
Maryanne Kuzara, Editor
Steve Medina, Photographer
Brian Singer, Editor

Pat Harvey’s African Journey: Heartbreak & Hope-Aids (News At 8 & 10) — KCAL
Kimberly Cornell, Producer
Pat Harvey, Host/Reporter

Grant Monrean, Photographer
Brian Singer, Editor

Reversing Alzheimer’s (CBS2 News At 11) — CBS2
Larry Green, Producer
Drew Griffin, Producer/Reporter

Straight Talk (UPN News 13) — KCOP
Debbie Kim Bauer, Editor
Hal Eisner, Reporter
Steve Field, Videographer
Karina Gacad, Producer
Dan Hattal, Executive Producer
Dave Wehlage, Videographer
Andy Weintraub, Videographer

Submarine (UPN News 13) — KCOP
Shaka Armstrong, Editor
Kevin Brummond, Producer
David Rose, Reporter

Tow Truck Traps (News At 8 & 10 ) — KCAL
David Goldstein, Reporter
Brian Singer, Editor
John Vincent, Photographer

Light News Story – Single Report

Cliff Dancers (Fox 11 News) — KTTV
Tommy Aragon, Camera
David Garcia, Reporter
Kim Leach, Editor
Heart Baby Reunion (News At 5PM) — NBC4
Keiko Imai Johnson, Producer
Kathy Vara, Reporter

Horses Of The Waves (Fox 11 News At Ten) — KTTV
Colin Finlay, Camera
Christina Gonzalez, Reporter
Greg Montemurro, Editor
Mini-Chopper (11PM News) — KVEA
Salvador Duran, Reporter

Old West Shoot Out (News At 5) W CBS2
Mike Castellucci, Reporter
Juan Renteria, Photographer/Editor

Unusual Suspects (6PM News) — KMEX
Art Quezada, Camera/Editor
Norma Roque, Reporter

Virtual Parachute (News At 5PM) — NBC4
Kent Shocknek, Reporter.6

Light News Story – Multi-Part

Chavez: A Legacy Of Triumph (Noticias 22 At 7PM) — KWHY
Pilar Garibotto, Producer
Fernando Gonzalez, Producer
William Leguizamon, Editor
Jose Ramirez, Camera
Naibe Reynoso, Reporter

Corners Of Sin (12 And 5 PM News) — KRCA
Jacqueline Llamas, Producer/Reporter

Good Day L.A. Moments — KTTV
Jillian Barberie, Producer/Reporter
Lisa Bernstein, Producer
Steve Edwards, Producer/Reporter
Lisa Kridos, Senior Producer
Dorothy Lucey, Producer/Reporter

Good Day L.A. A Look Back — KTTV
Jillian Barberie, Producer/Reporter
Lisa Bernstein, Producer
Steve Edwards, Producer/Reporter
Lisa Kridos, Senior Producer
Dorothy Lucey, Producer/Reporter

La Voz De Mexico:Fox (Noticias 22-Ten O’Clock News) — KWHY
Karen Carranza, Producer
Andres Martin Carreon, Reporter
Pilar Garibotto, Producer
Fernando Gonzalez, Producer
William Leguizamon, Editor
Jaime Silver, Camera

Investigative Reporting

California’S Billion Dollar Rip Off (CBS 2 News At 11PM) W CBS2
Jennifer Cobb, Producer
Joel Grover, Reporter

Crimes Of Custody (News At 8 & 10) — KCAL
David Goldstein, Reporter
Brian Singer, Associate Producer
Richard Van Syckle, Producer

Huntington Park Police (UPN News 13) — KCOP
Tim Harrell, Producer
Christina Penza, Reporter

Poison Paint (CBS 2 News At 11PM) W CBS2
Jennifer Cobb, Executive Producer
Randy Paige, Producer/Reporter

Washing Machine Dangers: Pts.1&2 (News At 5 And 6PM) — NBC4
David Cruz, Reporter
Linda Salomon, Producer

Sports Reporting
Dino Castro, Producer, Fred Roggin, Executive Producer
Charlie Rosene, Producer NBC4
Stan Radford, Producer, Curt Sandoval, Reporter ABC7

Hard News Reporting
David Goldstein, Reporter KCAL
Kimberly Cornell, Producer, Pat Harvey, Anchor/Reporter, Grant Monrean, Producer Brian Singer, Associate Producer KCAL
Aidan Pickering, Reporter KTTV

News Feature Reporting
Francisco Alverez, Producer, Mike Castellucci, Reporter, Juan Renteria, Producer CBS2
Jorge Briseno, Reporter KLCS
Argelia Atilano, Reporter KVEA
Christine Devine, Reporter KTTV
Thelma Gutierrez, Reporter CBS2
Lynette Romero, Producer/Reporter KTLA

News Director
Frances Bernardy — KTTV
Stephanie E. Medina KTLA

Non-News Director
Edwardo Kachscovsky — KMEX
Harry Kooperstein KCOP

News Writer
Yvonne Beltzer NBC4
Abe Rosenberg KTTV

Non-News Writer
Philip Bruce KCET
Patt Morrison KCET.7

News Editor
Juan Manuel Martinez KVEA
Mark Roman KTTV
Brian Singer KCAL
Jilla St. Germain-Gauthier KTTV
Mark Tickell KTTV

Non-News Editor
Garry Ashton KCAL
Michael Klein Kcop
Jilla St. Germain-Gauthier KTTV

News Videographer
Grant Monrean — KCAL
Juan Renteria CBS2

Non-News Videographer (Single Camera)
Nick Hankocy — KTTV
Victor Smith KCAL

Non-News Videographer (Multi Camera)

2000 Tournament Of Roses Parade — KTLA
Dave Bushner, Camera
Jack Chisholm, Camera
Gary Emrick, Camera
Dean Hall, Camera
Robert Heighton, Camera
Sam Lafoca, Camera
Rob Menschel, Camera
Bruce Oldham, Camera
Jeff Wheat, Camera

L.A. Marathon — KCOP
Bruce W. Cook, Camera
David Conley, Camera
Xero Ryan Covarrubias, Camera
Bob Cunningham, Senior Video Control
David Dougherty, Camera
Ross Elliott, Senior Video Control
Kim Gardiner, Camera
Christopher Gray, Senior Video Control
Armando Hernandez, Camera
Edwin Craig Horton, Camera
Scott Hylton, Camera
Denny Macko, Camera
Ollin Martinez, Camera
Kirk Mclemore, Camera
Gary A. Meeker, Camera
Robert Moran, Camera
Greg T. Noyes, Camera
Darren Pattison, Camera
David W. Rhea, Camera
Steve Roy, Camera
Perry Suen, Camera
Jim Valerde, Camera
Richard Thomson, Senior Video Control
Gary Brainard, Camera
Javier Medel, Camera
Kevin Sechrist, Camera
David Wehlage, Camera.8


Latin Rock Revolution — KCOP
Rodrigo Barajas, Graphics Design

Lakers Tease W Fox Sports Net

Christopher Calleton, Graphics Design

Los Angeles Graphics Package 2000 — NBC4
Jeffrey Dunjat, Graphics Designer
David Henry, Graphics Designer
Gilbert Haslam, Graphics Designer
David Steel, Graphics Designer

Fred Roggin’s Road To Sydney — NBC4
Janita Freiler, Designer
David Steel, Art Director

An Evening At The Acadmey Awards — ABC7
Jjiro Matsuki, Art Director

Short Informational Programming:
No Award Given

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