ABC, PBS most creative at Emmys

'World,' 'View' each get four

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Of the Emmy Awards given in 44 categories over the weekend, 11 went to programs that air on ABC and 11 to programs on PBS.

The two nets’ programming took more Emmys than all other outlets during the 28th annual Daytime Emmy Awards for creative arts, which were presented during simultaneous events at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Gotham and at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Daytime Emmys honor TV programs that are broadcast nationally between 2 a.m. and 6 p.m. (local times).

CBS and syndicated shows each grabbed six awards, while programs that air on pay cabler Showtime earned four, the WB drew three, cable net American Movie Classics two and NBC one.

Shows with multiple wins were led by CBS soap “As The World Turns” and ABC talker “The View,” with four each. “Turns” took wins in the drama series categories for art direction/set decoration/scenic design, costume design, makeup and music direction/composition. “The View” nabbed wins for hairstyling, lighting direction, makeup and special class writing.

Other multiple wins went to PBS’ “Between the Lions” and “Sesame Street,” with three each.

Earning two trophies each were ABC’s “All My Children,” the WB’s “Batman Beyond,” ABC’s “One Life to Live,” PBS’ “Reading Rainbow,” syndie talker “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” and ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

“Sesame Street” took the pre-school children’s series honor; syndie’s “Martha Stewart Living,” distribbed by King World, won the service show kudos; and AMC’s “Behind the Screen With John Burke” earned the special class series trophy.

Among awards given for performers were Levar Burton, in a children’s series, for “Reading Rainbow”; Ossie Davis, in a kid’s special, for Showtime’s “Finding Buck Henry”; and Julia Child/Jacques Pepin, of PBS’ “Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home,” for service show host.

Daytime Emmy Awards in 18 additional categories, primarily for performances and programs, including the lifetime achievement award, will be presented at the 28th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday and air on NBC.

And the winners are…

Special Class Animated Program

Batman Beyond * WB
Jean Maccurdy, Executive Producer
Alan Burnett, Producer/Writer
Paul Dini, Producer/Writer
Glen Murakami, Producer
Bruce Timm, Producer
Hilary J. Bader, Writer
Stan Berkowitz, Writer
Rich Fogel, Writer
Robert Goodman, Writer
Curt Geda, Director
Butch Lukic, Director
Dan Riba, Director
James Tucker, Director
Andrea Romano, Director

Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design

Between The Lions * PBS
Jim Fenhagen, Production Designer
Eric Ulfers, Production Designer
Laura Brock, Art Director
Martin Fahrer, Set Decorator
David Harwell, Scenic Designer

Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design For A Drama Series

As The World Turns * CBS
Patrick Howe, Production Designer
Tim Goodmanson, Art Director
Dennis Donegan, Set Decorator
Catherine Mckenney, Set Decorator
Paul Hickey, Set Decorator
Emily Hull, Set Decorator

Single Camera Photography (Film Or Electronic)

Reading Rainbow * PBS
Kevin Lombard, Director Of Photography
Ari Haberberg, Director Of Photography
Joel Shapiro, Director Of Photography

Costume Design/Styling

Sesame Street * PBS
Bill Kellard, Costume Designer
Terry Roberson, Costume Designer
Ed Christie, Costume Designer, Muppets
Stephen Rotondaro, Costume Designer,Muppets
Carol Binion, Costume Designer, Muppets
Michelle Hickey, Costume Designer,Muppets
Tom NeWBy, Costume Designer, Muppets
Alex L. Ferguson, Costume Designer, Muppets
Erin Slattery, Costume Designer, Muppets
Michael Schupbach, Costume Designer, Muppets
Karena Wienands, Costume Designer, Muppets
Fred Buchholz, Costume Designer, Muppets
Connie Peterson, Costume Designer, Muppets
Rollie Krewson, Costume Designer, Muppets
Jason Weber, Costume Designer, Muppets

Costume Design For A Drama Series

As The World Turns * CBS
Margarita Delgado, Costume Designer
Charles Schoonmaker, Costume Designer?Page 2

Directing In A Game/Audience Participation Show

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire * ABC
Mark Gentile, Director

Directing In A Talk Show

The Rosie O’Donnell Show * Syn
Deborah A. Miller, Director
Directing In A
Service Show
Bob Vila’s Home Again * Syn
Christopher Gilbert, Director

Directing In A Children’s Series

Zoboomafoo * PBS
Jacques Laberge, Director
Pierre Roy, Director

Directing In A Children’s Special

Run The Wild Fields * SHO
Paul A. Kaufman, Director

Special Class Directing

2000 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade * NBC
Gary Halvorson, Director

Single Camera Editing

Between The Lions * PBS
Vinny Straggas, Editor
Laura Cheshire, Editor
Jordan Montiminy, Editor

Multiple Camera Editing

The Oprah Winfrey Show * Syn
Michael Mabbott, Senior Editor
Joe Puglise, Senior Editor
John Strolia, Senior Editor
Gloria Almada, Editor
Clark Burnett, Editor
Neil Coleman, Editor
Tim Drover, Editor
John Kilpatrick, Editor
Tom Pyers, Editor
Doug Ryan, Editor
Dan Towell, Editor

Multiple Camera Editing For A Drama Series

All My Children * ABC
Stephen Cali, Editor
Roger Haenelt, Editor
John R. Tumino, Editor
Al De Jesus, Editor
Barbara M. Simmons, Editor
Shirley Simmons, Editor
Karen Johnson, Editor?Page 3


The View * ABC
Marque, Hairstylist
Deidre Flaherty, Hairstylist
Bryant Renfroe, Hairstylist

Hairstyling For A Drama Series

All My Children * ABC
Joyce Carollo, Hairstylist
Richard Esposito, Hairstylist
Christine Fennell, Hairstylist
Val Reichenbach, Hairstylist
John Monroe, Hairstylist
Khamraj Anrud, Hairstylist

Lighting Direction

The View * ABC
Candice Dunn, Lighting Designer

Lighting Direction For A Drama Series

The Young And The Restless * CBS
William Roberts, Lighting Director
Ray Thompson, Lighting Director
Rudolph Hunter, Lighting Director
Rod Yamane, Lighting Director

Main Title Design

Between The Lions * PBS
Randall Balsmeyer, Title Designer
Amit Sethi, Graphic Artist
Daniel Leung, Graphic Artist
Matthew Mcdonald, Graphic Artist


The View * ABC
Eve Pearl, Makeup Artist
Alan Cutler, Makeup Artist
Lori Klein, Makeup Artist

Makeup For A Drama Series

As The World Turns * CBS
Kevin Bennett, Makeup Artist
Marianne Skiba, Makeup Artist
Eldo Ray Estes, Makeup Artist
Stephane Glover-Mcgee, Makeup Artist

Music Direction And Composition

Batman Beyond * WB
Shirley Walker, Composer
Lolita Ritmanis, Composer
Michael Mccuistion, Composer
Kristopher Carter, Composer?Page 4

Music Direction And Composition For A Drama Series

As The World Turns * CBS
Pamela Magee, Music Director
James Kowal, Music Director
Gary Kuo, Composer
Robert Sands, Composer
Edward Dzuback, Composer
Tom Kochan, Composer
Dominic Messinger, Composer
Ron Cates, Composer
Kevin Bents, Composer
David Nictern, Composer

Original Song

Guiding Light * CBS
Song Title : Where There Is Hope
Brian D. Siewert, Composer/Lyricist
Trey Bruce, Composer/Lyricist
John Bettis, Composer/Lyricist

Performer In A Children’s Series

Reading Rainbow * PBS
Levar Burton, As Levar Burton

Performer In A Children’s Special

Finding Buck Mchenry * SHO
Ossie Davis, As Mack Henry

Service Show Host

Julia & Jacques Cooking At Home * PBS
Julia Child & Jacques Pepin, Co-Hosts

Pre-school Children’s Series

Sesame Street * PBS
Michael Loman, Executive Producer
Arlene Sherman, Co-Executive Producer
Kevin Clash, Co-Executive Producer
Melissa Dino, Producer
Carol-Lynn Parente, Producer
Karen Ialacci, Coordinating Producer

Service Show

Martha Stewart Living * Syn
Martha Stewart, Executive Producer
Eve Krzyzanowski, Executive Producer
Merrill M. Mazuer, Supervising Producer
Carolyn Kelly, Senior Producer
Lisa Wagner, Senior Producer
Mara Altschuler, Producer
Lenore Welby, Producer
Barbara Fight, Producer
Suzanne Mcgrath, Producer
Greta Anthony, Producer
Al Irizarry, Producer
Rena Glickman, Producer
Judy Morris, Producer
John Feld, Producer
Laurie Hepburn, Producer
Jocelyn Santos, Producer
Eve Hornstein, Producer
Brook Altman, Producer

Special Class Series

AMC’s Behind The Screen With John Burke * AMC
Marc Juris, Executive Producer
Jessica Falcon, Executive Producer
Tony Gerber, Supervising Producer
Mary Tartaglione, Producer
John Burke, Host

Special Class Special

Barbra Streisand And AMC Present “Reel Models: The First Women Of Film” * AMC
Barbra Streisand, Executive Producer/Host
Cis Corman, Executive Producer
Marc Juris, Executive Producer
Jessica Falcon, Executive Producer
Christopher Koch, Producer
Susan Koch, Producer

Sound Editing

The Sandy Bottom Orchestra * SHO
Janice Ierulli, Dialogue Editor
Mark Shnuriwsky, Sound Effects Editor
Rob Hegedus, Music Editor
Steve Rowe, Music Editor

Sound Editing – Special Class

Disney/Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command * ABC
Jennifer Mertens, Supervising Sound Editor
Paca Thomas, Supervising Sound Editor
Otis Van Osten, Sound Effects Editor
Rick Hammel, Sound Effects Editor
Eric Hertsgaard, Dialogue Editor
Robbi Smith, Dialogue Editor
Brian F. Mars, Music Editor
Marc S. Perlman, Music Editor
Dominick Certo, Supervising Music Editor

Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing

Barney & Friends * PBS
Ron Balentine, Production Mixer
David Boothe, Re-Recording Mixer
Gary French, Re-Recording Mixer

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire * ABC
Basil Matychak, Production Mixer
Al Theurer, Sound Mixer
Keith D. Carroll, Sound Mixer?

Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing For A Drama Series

One Life To Live * ABC
William John De Block, Production Mixer
Michael Goldberg, Production Mixer
Joe Gaskins, Boom Operator
Brett Frances, Boom Operator
Paul S. Glass, Pre-Production Mixer
Jamie Howarth, Pre-Production Mixer
Jon Lory, Re-Recording Mixer
Robert T. Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
David Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
Bob Cardelli, Re-Recording Mixer
Harry Yarmark, Re-Recording Mixer
Glen Heil, Post Production Mixer

Sound Mixing

Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: The TV Show * Syn
Clancy Livingston, Production Mixer
Dean Okrand, Re-Recording Mixer
R. William A. Thiederman, Re-Recording Mixer
Mike Brooks, Re-Recording Mixer

Sound Mixing – Special Class

X-Men: Evolution * WB
Thomas J. Maydeck, Re-Recording Mixer
Robert Hargreaves, Re-Recording Mixer

Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control

The Rosie O’Donnell Show * Syn
Karen Obel, Technical Director
Ken Decker, Electronic Camera
Carl Eckett, Electronic Camera
Eric Eisenstein, Electronic Camera
Jack Gagne, Electronic Camera
Mike Inglesh, Electronic Camera
Bill Vaccaro, Senior Video
Frank Grisanti, Senior Video

Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control For A Drama Series

One Life To Live * ABC
Robert J. Shinn, Technical Director
Henry E. Ferro, Technical Director
Rob Santeramo, Technical Director
Barrin Bonet, Electronic Camera
Frank Forsyth, Electronic Camera
Howard Zeidman, Electronic Camera
Thomas Shepard, Electronic Camera
Tom Tucker, Electronic Camera
Lawrence Strack, Electronic Camera
John Shanoski, Senior Video

Writing In A Children’s Series

Sesame Street * PBS
Lou Berger, Head Writer
Molly Boylan, Writer
Sara Compton, Writer
Annie Evans, Writer
Chrissy Ferraro, Writer
Judy Freudberg, Writer
Tony Geiss, Writer
Ian James, Writer
Emily Perl Kingsley, Writer
David Korr, Writer
Sonia Manzano, Writer
Joey Mazzarino, Writer
Cathi Rosenberg-Turow, Writer
Adam Rudman, Writer
Nancy Sans, Writer
Luis Santeiro, Writer
Josh Selig, Writer
Belinda Ward, Writer
John Weidman, Writer
Mo Willems, Writer

Writing In A Children’s Special

Ratz * SHO
Thom Eberhardt, Writer

Special Class Writing

The View * ABC
Christian Mckiernan, Writer
Julie Siegel, Writer
Andrew Smith, Writer
Beverly Kopf, Writer