Plenty of adults at ‘Teen’ preem

Spoof matches Moritz's mental state

Friday night’s preem of Columbia’s parody “Not Another Teen Movie” seemed rather adult.

Following a windy red carpet ride into Westwood’s overcrowded Avco theater, guests celebrated at the upscale Napa Valley Grille with hardly a teen in sight.

Despite pic’s gross-out humor, moviemakers said it will appeal to a diverse age group.

“We always need to laugh. I think it’s going to be funny to all people who grew up with those (John Hughes) movies, as well as teenagers,” said Columbia chair Amy Pascal.

Project came as a welcome diversion for producer Neal H. Moritz, who had had a surfeit of teen pics. “My feeling was I couldn’t make another teen movie right then — my mental state wasn’t there — so when this script came across, and it allowed us to parody all these teen movies, it hit perfectly what I was feeling at that time.”

Among those applauding the spoof were Col execs John Calley, Jeff Blake, Mel Harris, Peter Schlessel and Geoffrey Ammer; director Joel Gallen; writer Michael G. Bender; cast members Lacey Chabert, Chris Evans, Eric Jungmann, Paul Gleason, Mia Kirshner, Ed Lauter, Chyler Leigh, Cody McMains, Ean Mering, Ron Lester, Samm Levine, Beverly Polcyn, Jamie Pressly, Deon Richmond and Randy Quaid; plus guests James King, Marilyn Manson and Jon Voight.