Partying all ‘Knight’

Helgeland's medieval 'Rocky' preems

Though the medieval setting of “A Knight’s Tale” could easily be seen as a metaphor for Hollywood — power-hungry lords, obsequious vassals, petty fiefdoms — at Tuesday’s Village Theater preem writer-producer-director Brian Helgeland said the real allegory was that of the squire struggling to rise above his station to knighthood.

“It’s the story of a screenwriter who wants to be a director,” Helgeland said. “That’s how the movie started, swear to God. Screenwriters are peasants and directors are knights.”

Producer Todd Black added: “If that’s the case, then producers are the guys who polish the knight’s armor.”

Helgeland went on to say the film “is ‘Rocky’ in lot of ways” and he wanted “to not look at history at all nostalgically, but try to make it feel as current as it was when it was happening.”

Among those at a feudal-themed after-party on a nearby parking lot were Sony’s John Calley, Mel Harris, Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake; stars Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Mark Addy and Shannyn Sossamon; plus guests Tom Sherak, Gary Foster, Ron Yerxa, Steve Tisch, Bernie Brillstein, Steven Fenton, Jennifer Klein, Neal Moritz and Martin Campbell.