Miramax Zoe comes out of ‘Closet’

Veber apologizes to Francois Pignon -- all 11

Miramax Zoe hosted une petite soiree Tuesday to celebrate its special screening of Francis Veber’s “The Closet” at Loews on 19th Street.

Explaining why his two most recent films feature different lead characters who share the name Francois Pignon, Veber said it was “a good-luck name,” though one that has also brought a bit of trouble.

“There are 11 Francois Pignons in France,” Veber told Daily Variety. “They tried to form an association to forbid me to use the name, as they said I was making their lives miserable. They were not successful, but I have called each one of them to apologize.”

Screening aud included the cast’s Gerard Depardieu. Among those mingling at the after-party at Man Ray were pic’s Michele Laroque, Miramax’s exec VP of acquisitions and co-productions Agnes Mentre, VP of marketing Jason Cassidy and VP of creative affairs Erica Steinberg, and guests Kyle MacLachlan and Fred Schneider.