‘Jurassic’ dinos, stars go legit

Dialogue 'not lame,' Macy declares

Archaeopteryxes, sauropods and various carnivorous theropods populated the Upper West Side’s Sony Lincoln Square theater Tuesday night as Universal presented a special screening of “Jurassic Park III” to benefit the Atlantic Theater Co.

Cast member and ATC co-founder William H. Macy hosted the event, which he kicked off with a short introduction. “The dinosaurs are amazing,” Macy told the crowd, “and when the people talk, it’s not lame!”

Special effects aside, simplicity in the script and eccentricity in the casting are key to “JP3’s” appeal, Macy said, sitting in his banquette at the jam-packed after-party at Citrus. “It’s really primordial storytelling … I don’t think you could simplify the plot much.”

Of casting against action-hero type, he added, “I thought it was ironic for them to cast me — thought they had the wrong number when they called me up. I don’t do these kinds of blockbusters. I’m a guy unlikely to be doing battle with dinosaurs.”

Among those who came out to face the velociraptor and support the Atlantic (co-founded by Macy and David Mamet in 1985) were company members (Macy’s wife) Felicity Huffman and John C. Reilly; plus guests Star Jones, Lisa Ling, Joan Osborne, Regis Philbin, Campbell Scott and Leslie Uggams.