Group keeps fest short

McG-chaired event raises $10K for Shakespeare Festival/L.A.

Compact enough to be held one evening at a club, the Short Order Film Fest launched itself Thursday at the Knitting Factory.

Fest unspooled work from Group 101, which was founded by a half-dozen post-production pros who made a commitment to make one short film each per month as a way of “overcoming creative inertia.”

“The one-short-a month deadline makes it kind of like Weight Watchers without the scales,” said co-founder Dina Mande. “It forced us to stop talking and start producing.”

Honorary chair of the event was McG, who said the “premise is inspiring” and added “the films were impressive. Otherwise I would have moon-walked out of here.”

With backing from Adobe Systems, Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz, Dos Equis and Clearly Canadian, fest raised $10,000 for Shakespeare Festival/L.A.