All ‘Eyes’ on J. Lo

It's great they turned up for the movie sez thesp

With almost no other major name on the guest list, the substantial media coverage at Tuesday’s “Angel Eyes” Egyptian Theater preem (40 TV crews and 55 photographers, according to WB) was due to one person: Jennifer Lopez.

At the after-party (where the proletariat filled the courtyard and the chosen few entered the adjacent Pig ‘n’ Whistle), Lopez said the media’s ardent attention “is not something, like, I dwell on. It’s not something I put in my head; it’s not part of my everyday thinking. It’s great they turned up for the movie. We like that.”

Her co-star, Jim Caviezel, (who said he was cast in “Angel Eyes” after “holding on to do ‘Pearl Harbor’ for about three months and then over a weekend it was over”) seemed at peace with all the attention focused on Lopez.

“Most people know who she is,” Caviezel said. “Most people don’t know who I am. But I get paid well for people not knowing who I am. If I can ride on the star’s coattails for my career, it won’t be a bad thing.”

Among those on hand for the ride were Warner Bros.’ Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Kevin McCormick and Jeff Robinov; producer Mark Canton; and guests Rob Friedman, Jim Miller and Giovanni Ribisi.