Age: 42

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Repped by: Alan Gasmer, William Morris Agency

The film that changed his life: “Meet John Doe,” “The Godfather I and II,” “Star Wars”

Worst advice/studio note you’ve ever been given: “Give it up!”

When Michael Sloane was attending Hollywood High School with future helmer Frank Darabont, he never guessed they would eventually work together on Sloane’s first major release, “The Majestic,” which included 14 Hollywood High alums.

Sloane had given Darabont scripts to read before, but the day after the director of “The Shawshank Redemption” read Sloane’s take on the Hollywood Blacklist, he told him he had to direct it.

With Jim Carrey in the lead, “The Majestic” is the story of a blacklisted screenwriter who wrecks his car and wakes up in a small town where everyone takes him to their heart, thinking he is a G.I. who was missing in action and presumed dead. An amnesiac, the writer assumes the role, even helping his assigned “father” reopen the town’s movie theater to breathe new life into a town decimated by far-off war casualties.

“The Blacklist era was to the entertainment industry what the Vietnam War was to America in the ’60s and ’70s,” says Sloane, “a clash of well-intentioned ideals, with no side clearly right or wrong.”

Since Warner Bros. has scheduled “The Majestic” for a high-profile Dec. 21 release date and the pic is already being talked about as one of the year-end Oscar contenders, Sloane and Darabont should be grateful that they didn’t lose touch after high school.