Danijel Hocevar

Danijel Hocevar doesn’t have a breakthrough hit to his list of film credits — yet.

But he is doing something many a bigger producer might envy: giving a national identity to his country’s cinema. This year, Hocevar produced three of the seven films made in Slovenia.

It’s a typical situation for Hocevar, whose films include the fest-circuit sleeper hit “Idle Running” and last year’s ironically titled “Porno Film.”

His latest effort, Jan Cvitkovic’s debut film “Bread and Milk,” is a prime example of how Hocevar works. It’s a small black and white film, fitting somewhere between Czech and Finnish cinema styles and made on a shoestring budget, that he’s positioning for a larger international fest bow.

“You have to be a creative producer here, because there’s not enough money,” he says. While many Slovak producers rely on state and TV funding sources, Hocevar has plowed a large percentage of his own coin into his productions.

He’s also overcome post-production purgatory and general lack of editing facilities by building an editing suite at his offices. With directors working in the next room, Hocevar can be the ultimate hands-on producer.

But the secret that makes Hocevar (or any other successful producer) a stand-out is found in the name of his production company: E-motion Film.