Grammys a go-go

Parties fete music, winners

Moroccan carpets strewn with rose petals graced the walkway Grammy-goers traveled from Staples Center to the EMI/Capitol/Virgin party in the Hotel Figueroa’s lobby and pool area a block away.

Just inside the Spanish-style lobby, vet music exec Jeff Ayeroff said the awards “are an opportunity to celebrate the fun part of the record business — and lately it hasn’t been that much fun.”

As for the show itself, MTV VP Tom Calderone said, “the Moby thing was the show-stealer. It was the kind of vibe you had with Ricky Martin two years ago.”

Though Capitol Group prexy Roy Lott said the Grammys are “a great night because the focus is only on music — not deals, not Napster, not mergers — it’s just music,” David Was characterized the Grammys as “thugs night out. It’s like the mob’s Nobel Prizes. The artists are just window dressing.”

Among those treading the rose petals were EMI’s Eric Nicoli and Ken Berry, Virgin’s Nancy Berry, Radiohead, the Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, the Blue Man group and Krist Novoselic.

BMG took over what was once the Silverwoods department store on Wilshire Boulevard for a 1,300 guest-strong party catered by Mr. Chow. Inside the dark, loft-like space, BMG topper Rolf Schmidt-Holtz said that what struck him about attending Clive Davis’ pre-party and the Grammys is that “music is all about emotional people.”

One of those emotional people, Carlos Santana, said “absolutely nothing” surprised him about the award winners. “It was completely predictable.” Gwen Stefani said she thought the best part of the show was “when I walked in and Madonna was dancing her head off.”

Among those passing through the party were Bob Jamison, Moby, Clive Davis, Daryl Hannah, John Silva, Jesse Peretz and Gary Gersh.

The Warner Music Group celebrated its winning night with a party at the Los Angeles City Studios. Though the cavernous room was overheating all night and in desperate need of air conditioning, partying on were guests such as Gerald Levin, Roger Ames, Russ Thyret, Sylvia Rhone, Val Azzoli, B.B. King (who won one Grammy for Reprise and one for MCA), Dr. Demento, Nina Gordon and Grammy-winning classical guitarist Sharon Isbin.

Rounding off the night’s fiestas were Sony Music’s dinner hosted by topper Tommy Mottola at Ago and Universal Music Group’s dinner at Cicada hosted by Doug Morris and Zach Horowitz.