Eden’s Crush faces ‘Popstar’ competish

Skein creates potential glut in girl power

Pre-fab girl pop act Eden’s Crush is more than just the flavor of the month for ravenous teen fans; it’s also the first herald of AOL Time Warner’s much touted plans for global synergy among its myriad media brands.

But it’s not yet clear whether the group, spawned from a reality TV show on AOL TW’s the WB Network and signed to its London/Sire Records imprint, will have staying power once the buzz dies down.

Eden’s Crush’s debut LP “Popstars” opened at No. 6 last week, shifting a healthy 99,000 copies. But one week later, that sales number had halved, and the album slipped to 26.

And this fall, the AOL TW synergy machine will turn its attention to a new darling: The WB announced last week that it will air a second season of the “Popstars” series.

London/Sire VP of marketing Alison Pember maintained that the second “Popstars” act won’t overshadow Eden’s Crush.

“The WB has been incredibly supportive of Eden’s Crush,” Pember says. “And I think the second season will actually enhance their popularity.”

Still, if the series continues to churn out new groups every year, that could mean a crowded dance card for Warner’s artist development staff.

“If they’re just accumulating talent and stockpiling it, then it’s marked for failure,” says Neil Portnow, senior VP of West Coast operations for Zomba Music. “In practice, its a matter of whether they commit resources to these acts over the long term.”