WASHINGTON — Hollywood gave the Bush administration a standing ovation Monday for threatening economic sanctions if Ukraine doesn’t live up to its promise to crack down on music piracy in the next six months.

In announcing the possibility of sanctions, U.S. trade rep Robert Zoellick said the new White House is not shy when it comes to enforcing international trade agreements.

The Recording Industry Assn. of America said Ukraine once again topped the list of piracy offenders over the last year. On the movie side, Zoellick announced that Malaysia, Russia and Taiwan remain on or have been elevated to the red-alert list of countries with widespread piracy.

“The defeat of piracy in this digital age is of utmost importance, and the commitment and resolve of the U.S. government is essential to its dealings with international governments,” Motion Picture Assn. chair-CEO Jack Valenti said.

According to the MPA, Hollywood lost millions of dollars in revenues because of piracy in offending countries.