A German pop producer and an Australian techno artist writing movie music: It’s an offbeat combination, to be sure, but Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek are capitalizing on their fame from “Run Lola Run” to launch a joint career in American films.

Heil, 47, and Klimek, 39, are best-known for their scores for German director Tom Tykwer’s films, including “Run Lola Run” and “The Princess and the Warrior.” Tykwer, a composer who collaborated with them on each, will soon do so again on an unusual project in which the songs and score will come first with a movie to be built around them later.

Heil and Klimek, bored with the contemporary music scene, paired up in Berlin five years ago to score Tykwer’s “Winter Sleepers.” Both have recently moved to California and already have scored Miramax’s “Tangled,” with Rachael Leigh Cook, and the upcoming Showtime feature “Bang! Bang! You’re Dead.”

While the duo has established a niche in the electronica genre, Klimek confesses concern about musical typecasting.

Heil, however, loves the challenge, saying, “You just grow with every project. Making music, working with images, enhancing the emotion of a story — it’s really an addictive process.”