This year, fest and market attendees have no excuse for missing a screening or showing up for a meeting at the wrong hotel. With a little electronic help, finding one’s way through the maze of screenings, meetings, seminars and parties that is Cannes has never been easier.

  • Variety.com’s special Cannes section at http://www.Variety.com/Cannes2001 offers screening times for both the market and festival, updated daily, as well as daily breaking news and product listings. The Cannes site is available to Variety.com and print subscribers.

  • For market screenings and expanded product and company information through Online Film and TV Sales as well as a buyers directory, go to www.Cannesmarket.com. Subscription price depends on duration of the subscription and whether the company is registered with the market.

  • If you already have a Palm Pilot, the Palm booth in the Palais can download Cannes applications onto your unit, including a screening schedule, product listings and a database of useful numbers for hotels, restaurants and publicists. Last year, Palm offered a special champagne-colored Cannes model; a new special edition is available this year. Since Palm is aiming to be an important player in the entertainment community, it is also offering a free software CD which carries a wide range of applications that help artists and producers use their Palm handhelds more efficiently.Palm will invite celebs to a VIP hospitality suite at the Majestic, where reps will personally configure celeb units with a number of handy tools.

    The Palm cafe near the Palais press office also offers a downloading station for those killer fest aps.

  • The MITIC tech pavilion is sponsoring touch screen terminals using Cytura software which offer MITIC and market information. Terminals can be found in the MITIC pavilion as well as at various locations in the Palais and Riviera and in hotels.

  • Outdoor advertising company Spotvision will erect three LED screens along the Croisette, including one near the Palais, which will run trailers as well as carry information on the market and conference series.