Noises Off: ‘Monty’ on the march

A few F-words cut, slightly less risque ads

“The Full Monty” tour opens in Toronto on May 21, one year to the day of its first perf at San Diego’s Old Globe. From the Elgin Theater, it travels to Chicago’s Shubert (Sept. 3), Washington’s National (Nov. 12), Boston’s Colonial (Jan. 21) and L.A.’s new Kodak Theater (April 1) on the heels of next year’s Oscar telecast.

Producer Lindsay Law says it’s the same show as Broadway’s, with only a few F-words cut and a slightly less risque ad campaign. “We’re putting forward that it is a Broadway musical and downplaying the strip aspect,” he says.

Overseas, “The Full Monty” productions have the full advantage of the famous film’s title, which remained untranslated in all markets.

First off are “Monty” productions in Barcelona and Rome this fall, with London (March 2002), Amsterdam (July 2002) and Berlin (fall 2002) to follow. Less firm but expected for the first half of next year are Helsinki, Mexico City and Sydney.