“The Lion King” and “Mamma Mia!” put the brakes on the road’s freefall into the B.O. abyss.

Total receipts for the 2000-01 road season, which ended Sunday, came to $615,578,395, up 5.31% from 1999-2000, which captured an abysmal $584,537,459.

Recession years redux

This season’s B.O. performance is nothing to brag about and remains far under the road record set in 1997-98, a season that produced receipts of $794,144,642. In fact, road biz for the past year has been on a par with the recession years of 1992-93, when the total tally registered $620,598,184. The difference between then and now is the price of tickets and the total number of playing weeks, which came to 1,368 sessions in 1992-93 and only 964 in 2000-01.

The combined Broadway and road total arrives at $1,281,130,162 for 2000-01, up from the previous year’s $1,187,133,987. It reps a 7.91% increase and reverses a three-year downward trend. The 1997-98 season set a record with a combined total of $1,351,403,718.